Behind The Cuts *Completed*

Every cut is another story. I'm not an open book like everyone seems to think. Why does everyone seem to think they know me? This story is about a young teen just tying to find a place in this world... But will she make it out alive?


8. No More Of That

No More Of That

It's been three months since Curtis tried to rape me... He stopped everything. It's all over. It's now safe... For now.

I call Luke. We had been talking move then ever after the night we slept together.

"Hey Luke." I say with a smile, "Wanna come over to meet my foster parents."

"Oh wow that's a big step..."

"I know right! We've taken a lot of big steps these past three months haven't we?"

"Yeah I guess. Yeah I'll come over."

"Good they have dinner ready right now!" Then I hung up.

About five minutes later there was a knock on the door. I run up and open it. Luke! I give him a short kiss then grab his and and lead him inside.

"Mrs. and Mr. Pleanton... This is Luke the guy you've been dying to meet." Mrs. Pleanton smiled then shook his hand.

"I haven't it's been my wife dying to meet you." Mr. Pleanton says. He acts like a father all the time. I will never be close to him. Luke and possibly my son will be the only one I will be close to.

"Um, so what did you make Mrs. Pleanton." Luke asks.

"Oh I made steak and mash potato's and green beans."

"Well it smells amazing." God he's trying to be a gentleman but it's so freaking funny!

"So Luke what do you do for a living?" John asks. He just learned what that meant.

"Oh, um, I go to school and when I get home I jump on my job at Wendy's."

"Wendy's? How are you supposed to support my daughter at a fast food restaurant?"

"Um, sir I'm only sixteen" Luke says. Mr. Pleanton throws his steak on the plate.

"Yeah and she's only fifteen. What kinda sixteen year-old dates someone who is fifteen?"

"Sir I also work at the hospital where we met."

"How much do you make a week all together?"

"430$ per week."

"That's not much."

"Better then most sixteen year-olds." Mrs. Pleanton says, "Also Luke you can call us Angie and Josh.

"Thanks Angie." Then we had a silent dinner.

After dinner Mr. Pleanton walked up to Luke.

"I know why you're dating my daughter."

"Because I love her."

"No. You are a sixteen year old boy. You just want to sleep with her huh?"

"No Josh. I love her more then anything and anybody."

"So more then your mother?"

"My mother abused me I want nothing to do with her."

"Luke, I know you just want to get into her pants then right after you do, you'll leave her." I walk up to Mr. Pleanton.

"Um, Luke and I have been dating for two years."

"Two years of waiting can do a lot to a man." Okay that's it!

"Dad just stop it! He isn't just dating me for sex! I'm not just dating him for sex! I love him more then anything! He loves me more then anything! Why can't you just accept I'm happy!?" He smiled.

"You just called me dad." Damn it I did.

"Yeah I did. Luke and I are leaving." Then I walked out holding hands with Luke.

"He doesn't know we had sex does he?"

"Not exactly a way to start a conversation with your foster dad. He already thinks we are having sex."

"But we are..."

"No. We did once."



"Would you ever want to again."

"Maybe when you give me a ring. And don't get any ideas. I don't want to get married until I'm at least eighteen." He rolled his eyes.

"So never again for four years. I mean three."

"Yeah. If you love me you would be able to wait."

"Okay." He grabbed a cigarette. He went to light it but I smacked it out of his hand.

"What the heck is that!"

"Pick one. Sleep with me or I smoke." I get out of his car.

"Are you kidding me!? Is this a joke because it's not funny!?"

"Kinda, kinda not."

"Do you only want to sleep with me!? Is that all you've ever wanted!? And since I have given you what you wanted you are just doing to be a jerk?!"

"I'm sorry. Okay I won't smoke. I'll wait."

I get back in the car with him. He turns to me to kiss me but I push him away.

"You just going to be a bitch now?" He asks.

"I don't know."

"I love you Mary. You don't have to say it back. It just what Josh was saying made sense to me."

"My dad made you want to do this!?

"Kinda." Okay I have wanted to kiss him since we got into the car. I lean to him and kiss him. Even if it's a stupid time to.

We kiss and kiss and kiss. We were at his house this whole time. We stepped out of car. I ran to him and kissed him when I got out of the car. We backed into the house. He threw his keys on the floor and kept kissing me not stopping. We got onto his couch and we kept kissing getting harder with every one. I took off my shirt and he started unhooking my bra but I stopped him.

"You didn't think it would be that easy." Then I pushed him off.

We sat on the couch cuddling.

"It was that easy last time."

"Yeah well that was last time." I look down... I never put my shirt back on and I had one strap of my bra down. I put my shirt back on.

"Was that just a test to see if I would stop."

"No I knew you wouldn't that's why I did." He kissed me real quick on the cheek.

"Oh come on the cheek?" I ask.

"Oh come on what?" I turn to him and kiss him on the lips.

"You missed last time." He plays a scary movie. I'm sure he's thinking that's going to make me jump right into his arms.

"Scary huh?"

"Eh. Not really."

"Well if you get scared I'm right here."

"Good luck with that." He started texting his friend Justin.

"Justin is coming over." I text Mom asking if I can stay the night. She says yes.

"I'm staying the night." He smiles.

Justin knocked on the door and walked in.

"Wow good job Luke. I would never guess she's an ex emo." Justin says sitting down.

"Oh I'm still emo I just dyed my hair blonde 'cause my foster mom made me." Yeah I'm blonde now.

"Oh well you're still sexy." He put his hand on my thigh really close to the v-zone.

I move his hand.

"If Luke ain't getting some. Neither are you." He laughs.

"You're funny." He moves my hair.

"Did he tell you I don't sleep with dicks." Then I got up and went into the kitchen.

I made a salad and walked back in.

"A salad?" Luke asks.


"Justin is staying the night." My eyes light up.

"Well you can have sex with him." I lean to Justin and whisper, "He's being really horny lately."

He laughs and gives Luke a high five, "You've done good dude! She's awesome. You better keep this one." I smile. I give Luke a kiss on the cheek.

"A kiss on the cheek? Where's that lip work he's always telling me about?" I look at him with a stern look.

"What have you been telling him?"

"He's told me you are the best kisser he's ever kissed. And that you tried to get funky with him really hard one day but he stopped you then your mom called. And the time you guys did it in your bed!" I look at him madly.

"Did he tell you about how he's been trying to get with me for three months and I keep saying no? And that I was going to get funky with him tonight but not anymore." I stand up and put my bowl in the sink. Luke punched Justin's shoulder.

"Oh bro sorry." Justin says.

"Is this what you came for Justin?" Then I sat on Luke and started full out making out with him then stood back up.

Justin's eyes were wide open.

"Mind if I invite my girlfriend over bro. I might need her after that."

"Yeah. I'm going to be pretty much living here now." Luke looked at me smiling and then he started kissing me again.

This was perfect.

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