Behind The Cuts *Completed*

Every cut is another story. I'm not an open book like everyone seems to think. Why does everyone seem to think they know me? This story is about a young teen just tying to find a place in this world... But will she make it out alive?


11. Fallen Love+New Friendships

Fallen Love+New Friendships

I'm sitting on Luke's bed looking at Justin. Why does he think he's better then everyone? Luke looks at him and rolls his eyes as he tells the amazing story about how he saved this guys super lame party. I wasn't paying attention to it until I hear a knock. I run over and open the door. It was a girl with long red hair. She looked at me in anger then slapped me.

"This the slut Justin!?" She yells.

"Angie it's okay." Justin says walking over to her. He went to kiss her but she kicked his shin.

"Why you sleeping with my boyfriend!?" Angie yells. Luke pushes her away when she try's to fight me, "Why you helping her Luke? You also hate when he ch-"

"Angie! This is Mary! My girlfriend." Then she smiles.

"She's the emo one? She don't look emo. But she does look easy like you said. With her Barbie doll hair."

"Okay really?" I slap Luke.

"Yeah really! He's always talking about how he's got a hot emo Gothic girlfriend that is too easy." Angie says sitting down. I give him a dirty look.

"How many times did he tell you we slept together?" I ask.

"Five." Angie and Justin says at the same time.

"Once. And I don't want blonde hair but my foster family was too embarrassed having a Goth emo girl living in their house, they wanted me to look like I was their long lost daughter." Angie and Justin laugh.

"That's their story?" Justin says.

"Yeah why?" I answer.

"Um, they have foster kids flying in and out of there like it's their job!" Angie says. I hear another knock. I answer it. It was a girl and a boy.

"Hannah Kurt! Come on in the party starting soon!" Luke yells.

"Well okay." Hannah says. She is British and has long brown hair. Kurt is also British and has short black hair.

"What's up Luke?" Kurt asks. Wow Kurt look fine with his accent! I have a thing for accents.

"Just hanging with my girl." Luke says.

"Oh the easy one?" Hannah and Kurt ask at the same time.

"I'm not easy!" I say sitting down. Luke sits beside me and starts to give me love bites but I punch him in the nuts.

"You're right you aren't easy." Hannah says sitting beside me.

"Nope but I am!" Angie says.

"We know." Justin says giving her love bites. She didn't even care.

"You seem cool. Well beside the whole being a cutter." Hannah says.

"Yeah I cut we get it! Yeah I let Luke go all the way once I get it!" I sat up and ran into the kitchen. Luke got up but Hannah pushed him back down.

"Haven't you done enough at the moment?" She walked into the kitchen. I was crying. I quickly wiped up the tears.

"He makes me feel insecure about letting him go all the way and about cutting myself. I feel like I embarrass him." She pulled me into a hug.

"No you didn't do anything wrong. He's just a jerk around his friends. Angie and I usually hang out when they do this. We like go get a bite to eat or something. Right now Angie looks a bit busy so you want to go with me?" Hannah asks.

"Yeah I would like that." She pulls me into another hug when I let go. I pull back out.

"Hannah I need to tell you something you can't tell Luke." She nods.

"Okay what?"

"I'm late." Her eyes grew.

"Oh no." She looks into my eyes as they fill with tears.

"Yeah. I'm a week. I'm never late."

"Well it's only a week. Your secret is safe with me."

"And me." Another girl walks in. She has black hair.

"Mandy!" Hannah hugs her.

"I know you ain't easy Mary. Luke says that about all his girlfriends."


"Well let's get something to eat!" Hannah says.

"Girls night." Angie stops kissing Justin.

"Got to go girls night!" Angie jumps off his lap and runs to us.

"Bye Mandy!" Her boyfriend yells.

"Bye Tim." She yells back.

"Bye Hannah!" Kurt yells.

"Bye Kurt!" She yells back.

"Bye Angie!" Justin yells.

"Bye Justin." She yells back.

"Bye Mary!" Luke yells. I look back and flip him off then walk out the door.


A/N Sorry for it being so long! I've been away at Camp NEOSA (North East Ohio Salvation Army) studying Drama.

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