Behind The Cuts *Completed*

Every cut is another story. I'm not an open book like everyone seems to think. Why does everyone seem to think they know me? This story is about a young teen just tying to find a place in this world... But will she make it out alive?


18. Back For You... Maybe...

Back For You... Maybe...

I was taken out of the house... Sadly. It's my sixteenth birthday and Luke drives to my new house with my car he got me. I run up to it.

"Oh my gosh I forgot about this!" I give him a huge hug when he walks out of the car then I sit in it.

"You got your permit?" I nod.

"I got it yesterday!" I jump out of the car and give him another hug.

"Where's Harry."

"England. His parents wanted to talk but they didn't want to fly back." 


(A/N It will always be Mary's POV unless I change it to Luke's or maybe Harry's okay? Okay.)

Luke's POV

Wow He's out of the country, on her birthday... Low. I sit beside on her bed as she talks about how much she misses Harry and how it's going to be a week. I look at her lips. She stands up and puts on lip gloss. She's so temping. It may be that I love her or she's just drop dead beautiful. I stare at her lips as she puts on the lip gloss. She stops and looks at me.

"Um, are you okay?" I clear my throat then nod.



"Wait no I'm not. Mary I lo-" She covers my mouth.

"Stop with this thought of us being together. It won't happen." I sigh.

"Friends." She nods.

"I would like that." Then we play questions. It's where you ask the other person a question and they have to answer 100% honest.

"Was I your first." She asks.

"Yes, how about you." She blushes and nods.

"Yeah. Do you still love me like 102% love."

"I do." Her eyes tear up like that's the answer she didn't want, "Do you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you right now?" She nods.

"I do. Would you kiss me if I let you?"

"I would. Would you kiss me if I let you?"

"I would. Have you gone on any dates yet?"

"Yes but it wasn't the same without you. Do you really love Harry?"

"No. Do you really love me?" I lean in very close.

"I do."

Back to Mary's POV

Oh god I want this to be over. Any longer and I am going to cheat on Harry. He's so much better then Harry is though. No Harry is better. No maybe Luke's better.

"Will you kiss me right now?" Luke asks.

"No." He leans in closer, "Are you going to stop chasing after me." He chuckles.

"I love the chase, so no." He leans even closer, "Would you please kiss me?"

"Yes." Then our lips crashed together. Okay! Bad idea! Bad idea! Or maybe I'm just looking at this all wrong.

Is this the right idea?

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