Behind The Cuts *Completed*

Every cut is another story. I'm not an open book like everyone seems to think. Why does everyone seem to think they know me? This story is about a young teen just tying to find a place in this world... But will she make it out alive?


15. Authors Note

Authors Note

I have gotten over 200 reads. I was thinking last night before I went to sleep that I can not wait until I hit that 200 mark on this story. I was so close! I got emails from Movellas all morning because my emails are just now coming in again and I wanted to check and I have over 200!

I want to say thank you for reading my story and helping me get better at writing. This story is my first nonfan fiction that's gotten this many views (I use to write on other websites like wattpad and quotev.)

I love you guys move then words can express! I was told that fan fictions are the only stories on here that get a lot of views (unless you are really big on here but I am not very popular on here).

Writing is my life. As I say writing isn't a hobby it's a lifestyle. I just got back from a Christian camp and I met one of my best friends there. She read some of my short stories I wrote when I was there and she was amazed! All I could think of was that I wasn't a good writer. When I got home and looked at everything I've done and looked at all my reads it just warms my heart.

Whenever someone tells me I'm a good writer I always end up crying 'cause even just that one sentence makes me so so so happy! Writing this helps me think through the years. I have been writing since I was so little! My first stories I wrote (I was so little) was in a notebook my mom had just gotten me. I started to write in it because I saw my older sister writing. It was about a Polar Bear and a little girl that kept this baby Polar Bear as a pet. Now I had no idea what noise a Polar Bear made so I made it say meow. I'm laughing while I'm typing this thinking why on Earth would I make Polar Bear meow! Anyways there was also a fairy. I don't remember what the fairy did. But what I do remember is there was a good fairy and an evil fairy that always fought. No one understood the Polar Bear's meow but the little girl did. The Polar Bear made the evil fairy good and everything was okay.

Wow my writing has made a huge turn! It went from fairies and Polar Bears that meowed to this. I love you guys and I hope that my writing keeps getting better just for you guys. :)

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