Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


31. Vacation

(Harry's pov): With everything that has happened lately I wanted to take Gracie and the kids on a vacation to Disney World. I woke up early that morning and called Louis and Aubrie, Zayn, Jenna and Niall, and Liam and Marlee. They all knew about it and they were all coming along. So I told them to meet me at Starbucks in 30 minutes. I didn't want to wake Gracie, because she was sound asleep so I wrote her a note saying "morning love, i went to Starbucks to talk to the guys about something, meet me there when u get up, and bring the kids, love you. I got up, and got dressed, grabbed my keys and I drove to Starbucks.

(Gracie's pov): it was about 8:30 when I got up and went down to the kitchen to get breakfast ready for the kids. I got up and put one of Harry's sweatshirts on over my shorts and shirt and put my hair in a bun and went downstairs. When I got to the kitchen there was a note from my husband saying to meet him at Starbucks, so I guess I feed the kids then we are off. I went to Darcy's room, G:"Darcy baby girl time to get up!" She opened her beautiful green eyes and said D:"morning mommy." G:"morning baby, go downstairs and your cereal is on the table waiting for you, then after breakfast we have to go meet daddy for a surprise." She went downstairs and I went to Scott's room and grabbed him out of his crib and he started moving around and crying, I kissed the top of his head and went down to the kitchen to feed him his bottle. After breakfast I changed Scott into a little pair of jeans and a shirt with little sneakers, then went to help Darcy change. She is just like me so she had a little sundress picked out with a flower headband and sparkly sandals. She got changed and then I changed and we left. (Skip car ride) We got into the Starbucks parking lot and Darcy ran out and into the shop and ran to Harry. I got Scott out of his carseat and put him in the stroller and walked in and found Harry with everyone else. H:"we'll there is my gorgeous wife, and my two amazing little kids that I love." G"ya, well here is my amazing, hot, cute, strong, protective husband that I love more." Scott was already sitting with Marlee and of course Zayn was holding Darcy so I sat down on Harry's lap and gave him a quick kiss. G:"now what's up?" H:"we'll, I was thinking and with everything that has gone on lately, we need a vacation, so that's why I'm taking you and our kids to Disney world!" G:"WHAT? That's amazing! When?" H:"we'll we all leave tomorrow, and yes everyone is coming with!" G:"I was so happy and Darcy heard also and she ran over to Harry and gave him a huge hug and said "I love you daddy!" We stayed and ordered drinks and we all talked for about an hour, then we all said our goodbyes and left to start packing for our trip!



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