Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


33. The boat ride (Disney part 2

Authors note: this chapter will get dirty, I warned you!

(Aubries pov):I woke up and jumped on top of Louis! A:"WAKEUP YOU SLEEPY LAZY HEAD, WE ARE IN DISNEY WORLD AND WE ARE GOING OUT TO ANIMAL KINGDOM WITH EVERYONE BUT HARRY AND GRACIE!!!!!!" L:"ugh just 5 more minutes!" A:"no get up now! We need to meet Zayn in his room and we need to pick up Darcy and Scott from Harry and Gracie's room!!! Come on!" L:"fine, I'm coming! So we both got up and I put on shorts, a tank top, and flip flops and put my hair in a messy bun and we walked down to Harry and Gracie's room! I went in (gracie gave me a key) and said, A:"YOU BETTER BE UP, AND YOU BETTER NOT BE DOING ANYTHING GROSS!!!!" G:no it's ok, we are cuddling but that's all! A:"good, now Harry what are you doing with my best friend today, since she can't go with us?" H:"we'll it's our 4 year anniversary, so her and I are going to spend the day together, then at 5 we are going to dinner on the Oceanside, and then we are going on a pontoon ride. A:"cute! And happy anniversary, now let me get the kids out of your way and you can be alone! G:"thanks, let me get the kids stuff ready."  She got up and put little shorts in a bag and a tank top for Darcy, and a little shirt and shorts for Scott and gave us the kids and we left. And we went to Animal kingdom! (Harry's pov):H:"Gracie, baby it's time to get up, we have stuff to do today!" I said trying to get her up. G:"mmhhhh ok, what time is it anyway?" She asked while tracing one of the tattoos on my chest. H:"9:00, and today we are going to spend the day in the pool, which by the way I reserved all for us, then at 3:00 we are coming back to get ready, and at 5:00 we are going to have dinner by the ocean then go out on a pontoon ride!" G:"Great! Oh and baby?" H:"yes?" G:"happy 4 year anniversary!" H:"happy anniversary beautiful!" Just then Aubrie walked in and she said she was picking up the kids! Then she left and Gracie and I got up, and got ready. She came out in a hot pink two piece, with sparkles all over it and she looked sexy! G:"babe can I borrow a shirt?" H:"absolutely, anything else you want to borrow?" G:"your gross! But no, not until later!" She gave me a evil little smirk and put on my shirt, H:"damn have I ever told you that you are sexy?" G:"yes actually you have, now lets go." We started walking and two guys were looking at gracie so I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her, just so everyone could know she was all mine, then we went to the pool! 

(Skip pool, and go to date) 

(Gracie's pov): Harry and I got ready and we headed out to the ocean. When we got there it was the most beautiful thing ever! There was a table with two chairs, It was right in the middle of the sand, it had rose pedals leading up to the table with roses in the middle and a candle. G:"Harry this is gorgeous, it really is, thank you so much, I love you." H:"no problem beautiful, I love you to, more than you know." Then he turned me so I was facing him, and he kissed me with passion. We got seated and a waitress came and took our order, and she came back with our wine that Harry insisted we have! He poured us two glasses and said H:"here's a toast, to being here with the most beautiful girl I know." G:"and a toast that we have had 4 amazing years together and we get to have many more!" We toasted and then our food came and we ate. When we were done Harry pulled my chair out for me and grabbed my hand. H:are you ready to go out on the ocean? Oh and we are swimming." G:"yes but I don't have a swimsuit." H:"babe you won't need one, for what we will be doing, we will both be going in naked." He is so stupid sometime! We got on the pontoon, and Harry started driving, soon enough he stopped in the middle of the ocean, and parked the pontoon. He grabbed my hand and he put his phone on a speaker thing and he played isn't she lovely:). He started singing to me and we danced. And then he whispered in my ear, H:"you know that dress looks pretty amazing on you, but I think it might look better off." G:"oh ya, well you did say you wanted to try for another kid so...." H:"you don't have to say anything twice." Before I knew it he started kissing my neck and sucking on it, I started moaning his name. H:"shh baby girl, i am going to make you feel so good." He started trailing his tongue down my body and pulled my dress off. Then he took my bra and panties off and started sucking on my boobs. I was moaning so loud, and so was he because I was feeling him through his pants. He got up and took his pants off and then trailed down to my vagina. He stuck on finger in me then added another, then another. He started going really fast, the took them out and started sucking on my vagina. G:"ugh, Harry I'm coming!!" Then I did an he licked me clean. H:"my turn baby." He got up and brought his dick to my face and it was hard! H:"suck it hard baby!" I put it in my mouth and massaged the parts I couldn't reach. H:"UGH BABY FASTER!" I started going faster and harder and he came in my mouth and I swallowed it. G:"Harry babe get In my right now!" Without warning he trusted into me, not giving me anytime to adjust to how big he was, but i mean after the 3rd time I'm used to it. He started going faster and faster and he was rubbing my vagina. After a couple more thrusts be both came, and them we went skinny dipping. (Authors note: sorry there won't be a lot of dirty moments!)

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