Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


3. Meeting

(Gracie's pov): tonight was the night I would meet my future husband!! We had to be at the arena at 4:00 and it was 1:30 so I decided to start getting ready! I picked out a hot neon pink dress that stopped in the front at my knees and flowed in the back, and black pumps. I took a shower and of course listened to 1D. When I got out I let my hair start drying and got started on my makeup. I put a glittery black with black mascara and blue eyeliner and flat Ironed my hair. Then went to pick up the others!! (Skip car rides) when we got to the arena we went in and went backstage! And that's when we saw them! (Harry's pov): wow when I saw her my heart stopped! She was gorgeous! I went over to them and so did the other lads. "Hello love I'm Harry and may I just say your beautiful". G: "thanks and I'm Gracie and your not to bad to look at either"! (Liams pov): The one girl I think her name was Marlee was gorgeous! Her smile was incredible and her laugh was adorable! "Hey beautiful I'm Liam and I already heard your name was Marlee, but may I just say your the most beautiful girl ever! M: oh I started to blush! "Thank you and your pretty cute yourself"! I said. (Nialls pov): the other two girls were both gorgeous!! But something led me to the brown haired one!! Hey princess I couldn't help but notice how incredibly beautiful you are and by the way I'm Niall". J: thanks and yes I know your Niall! And I think your the cutest thing ever"! (Aubries pov): wow here I thought Niall would fall for me but here I was watching him flirt with Jenna!! Oh we'll I might as well go talk to Zaym and Louis!


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