Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


41. Lake house part 1

(Jenna's pov): a lot has happened over the past weeks, especially to Gracie and Harry. I decided it would be nice to get away for a little bit and go to the lake. I have a huge 6 bedroom lake house in Park Rapids minnesota, so I asked my parents if we could stay there and they said yes. I told Niall about it and he thought it would be a great plan to get away, so since it was in Minnesota and we were in New York he got us all a private jet, and Zayn would share one with Gracie and Harry because he wanted to be with Darcy. 

(Harry's pov): I woke up next to my beautiful wife. Today we were going to Jenna's lake house We all thought it would be good for Gracie to get away for a little bit. I woke Gracie up by kissing her. G:"ok, that is seriously the best way to wake me up!" H:"morning beautiful, Darcy is waiting to go swimming, and I'm ready to go so let's get up and go!" G:"ok, I need to get my stuff in the car, then we can go to the airport." H:"already done." G:"I love you, do you know that?" H:,yes, because I love you also!" D:"MOMMY, DADDY LETS GO!!" G:"ok love get on daddy's back and he will give you a piggy back ride to the car!" She got on his back and we went to the airport. (Skip flight) (Harrys pov): When we got to the lake house it was huge! Gracie and I got one master bedroom and Jenna and Niall got the other. We let Darcy share a room with Zayn because he was right next door. D:"daddy can me and uncle Zayn go swimming?" (Zayn knows how to swim in this) H:"sure princess, go get your swimsuit and change In to it and you can go ok?" D:"I love you daddy!" H:"I love you also princess." She ran and Zayn helped her change and they left. As soon as they left, I checked the house and everyone else went swimming also. Gracie was putting stuff away I'm some drawers, so I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and started kissing her shoulder. G:"Baby what are you doing?" H:"everyone is out, Darcy is fine she is with Zayn and the others, now I want some alone time with my gorgeous wife." G:"and what are you saying, I'm pregnant already!" H:"no babe, I just want to cuddle, we have a huge bed now lets go, I'm tired." G:"fine." We went and laid in bed, her head on my chest and me playing with her hair. H:"you know, these last few months have been extremely hard for both of us, we lost our precious baby boy and you got attacked by your physco ex." G:"babe, we don't need to revisit those memories!" H:"I know, but what I don't get, is how you have been so strong through all of this, it's a lot to go through!" G:"Stress is nit good for the babies and I handle it so well because I have you, your my rock, I can lean on you and I know you will always catch me when I fall and I can always count on you to comfort me, your my amazing, protective, husband, you save me babe, and I love you more than you can imagine." H:"to be honest, you saved me, and I love you for it, your an amazing strong person and I don't deserve you!" G:"shh, you deserve everything, trust me, I love you." H:"I love you to." Then I kissed her and she laid back down and fell asleep to me singing little things to her."


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