Forever and always

18 year old Gracie Jackson is a huge Directioner! Her 3 friends Aubrie Marlee and Jenna love them also. When they go to a concert and go backstage and meeting the guys, is there some sparks that fly?


19. Bringing Darcy home

(Harry's pov):Today was the day Gracie and I get to bring our little princess home. We were having Marlee an Liam over after we got home to see Darcy. Then tomorrow Darcy was going to spend the day with Marlee. I left our house and made sure the carseat was in the back seat for Darcy and drove off to get the two. (Skip car ride).

******* hospital******** (still Harry's pov) I got in the hospital and got a little pass that lets me get into the nursery part. I went to the room that Gracie was staying at and went in. H:"hey gorgeous, how's my baby doing?" G:"I'm doing good and Darcy is sleeping still but I went to get her this morning she's in that crib over there." I went to pick her up and kissed her forehead and her little green eyes fluttered open, she was so beautiful just like her mom. H:"ready to go babe?" G:"ya I can't wait to get home with our little girl!" So she got out of the bed and intertwined her fingers with mine and we left. (Gracie's pov): I intertwined my fingers with Harry's and we left. We put Darcy in the car and drove home. On the way home I texted Marlee and told her to come over in about 1 hour. Harry and I got home and had 30 minutes until Marlee and Liam came over. We got Darcy inside and she started crying and whining so Harry went to change her while I went to get her a bottle. Harry came back and said H:"now my little princess is all better." And kissed her and handed her to me to feed her. Then we heard a knock on the door. G:"Harry babe can you get that?" I sat down and started feeding her. (Marlee's pov): Liam and I drove to Gracie and Harry's and we knocked. Harry answered the door and Liam gave him a hug. And said L:"congrats man." M:"now where is my beautiful niece?" H:"she's in the living room with Gracie. When I saw Gracie she got up and gave me a hug then passed Darcy to me. M:"wow she really is beautiful, I am so excited to be her aunt!" G:"haha ya I figured you would be pretty excited about that, so your taking Darcy for the day tomorrow right?" M:"yep that's the plan, I will be over at about 10:30 to pick her up, oh and by the way I think she feel asleep." So I gave her back to Gracie and she put her in her crib to sleep then she showed me around the house. After an hour or two I could tell Gracie was getting pretty tired so Liam and I left and I told Gracie I would be here in the morning to get my little niece.

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