Titanic~ my story

The Titanic~ this is about stow aways, love, and heart breaks <3 please read! I know you will love it


3. Chapter 3

Trinity's POV:

     After I ran away from Josiah I decided to walk down the stairs that lead to the bottom deck, because being the little curiosity cat I am. I walked down the stairs and when I finally made it. I heard heavy breathing behind the stairs, I slowly turned around to come face to face with two of the three men with evil smiles on there faces. Oh no. I tried to walk backwards but I backed up into a hard chest. I turn my head and see the third man there standing there with a knife in his hand. I scream as loud as I can. He grabs me and shoves me behind the stairs and wraps a dirty looking rag to my mouth. Before I blacked out I could feel my self being carried some where. Curiosity killed the cat. Uh oh.



(By the way Trinity is 16, Josiah just recently turned 17, and Chloe just turned 16)  

I woke up in a room. I tried to sit up but my body ached so much I couldn't. I tried and tried till I finally made it. I looked around the room. With no doubt we were in one of the lower class rooms. I stood up and walked to the door. It was locked from the out side. I walked around the room trying to find another way out. My lets started to wobble. I started to walk to the bed so I wouldn't fall on the ground. I made it. Right as I sat down a man walked in to the room, He was one of those men behind the stairs. He walked over to me and he grabs me by the neck and slaps me. Hard. The door opens and I see Chloe there. She runs over to me and screams at this man. "I NEVED WANTED THIS! WHY DO YOU DO THIS! she's my friend...." The man looked shocked at her sudden out burst. When he opens his mouth to speak she just cuts him off and whispers "Dad..... Just no." Chloe looks to me and nods her head to the door pushing me there. I was shocked. To shocked to even move. I needed comfort, I needed Josiah's comfort. I love him more than a friend and I want him now. I started running to the room we shared. I burst through the door to see Josiah there with tears in his eyes and shaking his head. He hadn't notice I walked in. He was facing the other way. So he still couldn't see me when I walked towards him. I sat down on the bed in front of him as he looked up with joy in his eyes. "W-w-hat?" He asks, his voice croaking at the words that were trying to get out of his mouth. "Chloe, she saved me." I say with a tear that was threatening to fall. You could here the seagulls outside squeaking at the people on deck, totally in aware on what's happening with the stow Aways. "I don't know what to say...." Josiah Replys. "Then don't say anything" I reply. 

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