Titanic~ my story

The Titanic~ this is about stow aways, love, and heart breaks <3 please read! I know you will love it


1. Chapter 1

 All the Passengers were boarding the Titanic, this unstoppable boat was holding 2,224 people to be sent to America. Trinity and her Best friend, Josiah were walking to their rooms for the travel. They had 1st class because Josiah's father was the Caption.
They sat down on their own beds. One was on the right side of the room and the other on the left and a Desk in the middle with a bathroom to the left side of the room and a closet to the left.

"I call the one on the Left Side!" Josiah says jumping on the bed.
"Heyyyy! I wanted that one!" Trinity says tackling Josiah.
They start play fighting intill She gave up.
"Fine! You win!" Trinity says plopping down on the bed.
"My work here is done" Josiah says walking outside the room.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Trinity says
Trinity And Josiah walk out to the side of the ship and wave to all the people who are there to see the new boat, Titanic take sail.
The boats horn blows and people in the crowd cheer and scream goodbye to their loved ones.

But something caught Trinity's eye. Not just something, some one. The figure was a man with 3 other people with him. 2 of the people were men his age, the 3rd person was a girl, not looking older than 17. She had blond hair with tangles in it in a braid. She wore a green flower dress with dirt all over it. Her face was all scratched up with scratches, bruises, and scars. She had a worried look on her face. Trinity grabbed Josiah and Ran to near where they were. They were gone. They were close to the ship. They could have been Stow Aways! All 4 of them! I got to tell Josiah of what I thinks going on.

"Josiah, lets go back to the room, I need to tell you something very important, something that can put our lives in danger." 

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