Empress to Impress (A Vampire Novel)

I was coming home from Ashlyn Derbot's party late that night. I pulled out my iPod and began scrolling through music. A 'Death Cab for Cutie' song blared through my headphones, drowning out all other sound.
I turned the corner of Davis St., the street lamps the only light. A chill crept up my spine and I pulled my old leather jacket tighter around me. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end with the eerie feeling that I was being watched. I tried to shrug it off, but didn't let my guard down. I wasn't doing a very good job when I ran into a man that I didn't see coming. I dropped my iPod.

"Sorry, man. My bad," I apologized, picking up my tech.

"No harm done," he wiped his very expensive looking coat. I glanced up at him, seeing he was about five years older than me.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Lucinda. You?"

"Wesley Maddox III."

"Ha, you sound like royalty or something," I teased.

"I am," he smirked.

"What?" He slammed me into a tree.

"So pretty." he nibbled.



5. Chapter 5: Lucky For You

FH Memorial Medical Center, Florida January, 2013 12:30 a.m.

"What were you thinking?" Collete yells at me in the hospital lobby.

"I've apologized twenty times already! What more do you want from me?" I reply bitterly.

"I want you to go in there and erase her memory, then give her a logical explanation on why she is in the hospital!"

"Pfft, that's easy."

"Then I want you to apologize, and get her number," Collete crosses her arms over her chest.

"Why do I have to get her number?"

"Because now you are in debt to her. And it'll be proof that you did as I said."

"I suppose," I rub the back of my neck guiltily. I take a deep breath, "Here goes nothing."


I walk down the long white hallway, the click of my heels echoing loudly. Finally, I come across room 109. With another deep breath, I slowly knock on the door.

"Come in," a weak voice replies.

I open the annoyingly creaky door and make my way into the room.

"Hey, Roxy," I give her a small smile.

"Oh, hey..." she says, a questionable look on her face.

"Don't you remember me? I'm," what did I tell her? Marie? "Marie. We met at the party."

"Oh yeah. How could I forget those cute titties of yours?" she laughs lightly. "But still, how did I end up in the hospital?"

I think into the recesses of my mind, searching for something, anything, that I could use. Then it hit me.

"You're anemic, aren't you?"

"Uhm, yeah. How'd you know?"

I smile to myself. That had to be why she passed out. Most people of her height and build can handle a little blood-drinking.

"Just a lucky guess. Anyways, uhm, you got into a scuffle with...uh, some guy and...he had a broken bottle. Well, he got you and.....you lost a lot of blood. So my friend and I--"

"The french chick?" she interrupts.

"Yeah. We brought you here, and I feel like this whole thing is my fault so...I'm sorry."

"Oh, sweetie, it's nothin'." She gives me another small smile.

"I owe you one. Here," I hand her a slip of paper, "this is my number. Gimme a call when you need me," I wink.

"Ha, okay." she blushes. "I won't hesitate."

"Mmk. I'm leaving. Call me when you're outta here, got it? I wanna make sure you're safe."

"Sure thing," she nods, "Bye, Marie."

I give her one last wave, and turn to leave. As I am walking out the door, I almost run face-to-face into the nurse.

"Everything okay?" she asks me politely.

 "Yeah," I lean down to look at her name tag, "Sarah. Watch out for her, okay? She's had a rough night."

"Oh, was it bad?"

"Yeah. A brush-up with some stranger. Just...keep her safe, alright?"

"Gotcha," she gives me a thumbs up. "So, are you a friend or something? I don't mean to sound nosy or anything, but you two seem pretty close."

"Eh, we're friends."

"Oh," she nods.

"Well, bye." I smile and wave to the nurse.




The Hunter was in hour one of his drive down to the Floridian base. He'd just ended a call with Mark over where to meet up. The silence in the cab of his truck was becoming more and more unbearable, so he decided to turn on the radio.

"Here today, young woman Roxanne Rollins was attacked at a local beach party. Several other contenders have stepped forward giving specific details on the event. Roxanne is currently being questioned by Floridian police. Back to you Diane."

"So much for the radio," he muttered to himself. As if to add on to his bad mood, his phone began to ring.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"Hey, it's Sarah."


"Well, asshole, the girl from the news--"

"Roxanne?" he guessed.

"Yeah, her. She's residing in my hospital. I was changing her IV when the officers came in. When they were questioning her, she told them the same thing she told the news."

"And you called me because?" he was getting increasingly impatient.

"After they left I asked her how she felt, you know, like how she reacted to the assailants. She told me, 'in all honesty, I don't remember what happened. My friends told me what happened.'"

"Okay, that's typical. So what?"

"Wow, you're a dumbass too? She was attacked, lost blood, and can't remember what happened. Obviously a vampire."

"Any witnesses?" he asks, interested.

"Two girls brought her in. They seemed close. I had a chat with on of 'em. Said she had a run-in with some one, but didn't give me any details."

"Who was it?"

"Roxanne says her name's Marie."

"Marie what?"

"I dunno. Apparently they weren't as close as I'd thought, but she just left. I figured when you get down here, you'd find her real easy."

"We'll see. See you then."


The Hunter snapped his phone shut. Then, he throws his car into fifth gear speeding down the highway, eager to get there faster.

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