Empress to Impress (A Vampire Novel)

I was coming home from Ashlyn Derbot's party late that night. I pulled out my iPod and began scrolling through music. A 'Death Cab for Cutie' song blared through my headphones, drowning out all other sound.
I turned the corner of Davis St., the street lamps the only light. A chill crept up my spine and I pulled my old leather jacket tighter around me. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end with the eerie feeling that I was being watched. I tried to shrug it off, but didn't let my guard down. I wasn't doing a very good job when I ran into a man that I didn't see coming. I dropped my iPod.

"Sorry, man. My bad," I apologized, picking up my tech.

"No harm done," he wiped his very expensive looking coat. I glanced up at him, seeing he was about five years older than me.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Lucinda. You?"

"Wesley Maddox III."

"Ha, you sound like royalty or something," I teased.

"I am," he smirked.

"What?" He slammed me into a tree.

"So pretty." he nibbled.



2. Chapter 2: Feeding

Pensacola Florida September 13, 2003 10:27 p.m.

A drunken man stumbles out of the door from the bar. Rounding the corner, he runs into a curvy little lady.





"Sorry, l-little miss..." he slurs.

"Careful there," I level him, giving him a polite smile. "Poor man, you've had a bit too much to drink, haven't you?"

"I'll be--" hiccup-- "all right..."

"Of course you will. What with a muscular man like you, no other would stand a chance." I lean towards him, listening to the sound of his heart pumping faster and faster; the blood flowing with intensity.

"I am a man, after all," he puffs out his chest.

"My. You're getting awfully hot. Why don't we take off this shirt of yours?" I undo button after button slowly and carefully. His pulse echoes in my mind, growing stronger as my power takes affect on him.

"I want you," the man says in a raspy voice. "I need you, and I don't know why."

"Don't focus on that. Focus on me." I coo. "I'm right here," I kiss him softly.

"I have a wife," he replies dazedly, his brows knitting together. Yet still, he reacts to my gentle touch.

"It'll be okay, honey. Neither of you will know." I say as I withdraw my fangs, biting into his neck.


His sweet taste warms my mouth in an instant and I moan in delight. Pressing my body closer to the stranger, I lick the stream of red running from his neck. I shove him into the bricks, grasping onto him more.

"Careful," he winces.

"Shut up."

"Whatever you say..." he replies dizzily. The process continues for several more seconds until I decide enough is enough.

"I'm not going to drain you," I wipe my mouth on my shirt sleeve. Holding my hand to his neck, his skin quickly begins to regenerate.

"No, please, do as you'd like," he begs for more. They always do.

"This is as I'd like." I help the man redress, buttoning up his shirt as a mother would. "Stay safe." I pat him on the shoulder.

"I will, thanks." 

As I begin to walk away from the man, a blonde woman rounds the corner. She is visibly angry and the look on her face is one of hatred.

"Who's she?" a woman steps into the alley. "What are you doing with my husband?" I can tell she is going to cause a scene. A dangerous scene at that.

"Listen," I stare into both of their eyes, "this never happened. Neither of you will remember anything from tonight. You were both drunk and walked home together. That's all."

"Yes..." they respond a moment later, the zombie-like tone prominent in their voices.

"Sweetheart, we should be getting home," the woman speaks.

"Yeah...sounds good," her husband agrees.


I shrug guiltily. It never feels right to compel humans in such a way. But I couldn't help myself...I was so thirsty. I watch as the couple walks away slowly. Then, I pray.

I need to get a hold of my urges; I can't just keep going around feeding on anyone when the feeling hits me. Because if I do...

They'll find me.

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