The Town Fair

This is for the mrs zayn malick. the chapter in One Direction Images is the prologue. But here is the description:
Me and Fallyn wanted to go to the fair. We pulled in and I met a guy. His name, Zayn, Zayn Malick.


2. Phone Numbers

*end of prologue*

I got Zayn's number and we went to the Zero Gravity. I saw Fallyn in line with a boy. A curly brown-haired boy. Around her age, maybe older. We walked over to them. "Hey! Fallyn! We're were you?" i walked up to her with my hand intertwined with Zayn's. "With Harry. My new boyfriend." Then Zayn and Harry were gone. "Wher'd they go?" I asked Fallyn. "Well, Zayn and Harry are mates! DUH!!!! They're from One Direction!" I rolled my eyes. "I told you I don't know who One Direction is!"

We walked around looking for Zayn and Harry. Then, I spotted them at the water shooter thingymajigger game. We made our way over to the water gun game and Zayn screamed like he won the lottery. "Did you win?" I tlted my head to show I was confused. "yes! Now, You picl out the Prize, becuase its for you!" I'm on a confused stage right now... I don't Know if we're dating or not. "umm...Can I get the......GIANT ZEBRA PLEASE???" That's my favorite animal.

"I have a question for you, Tyler." Zayn walked over somewhere with me. "Ya?...." I waited for him to answer me. "are we like.. dating now?" We were in one of those giant striped changing tents. "um... I guess. I mean. I really like you and I hope you feel the same way..... I sound like an idiot. We just met you don't have feelings for me." I started tearing up. "Hey. Shhh........... It's ok. You don't sound like an idiot. *chuckle* I do have feelings for you. So if its my decision, Tyler, will you be my girlfriend?"  Looked up at his perfectly toned face. "Really?" I could feel my make-up smeared so I wiped it off along with my tears and smiled. "I'm totaly ok with that. I'll be your girlfriend." We both had ear-to-ear smiles. 



Sorry that was so short! the mrs zayn malick, I hope you enjoy it!!! 

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