... Love At First Sight?

Liam was torn apart when Daniel broke up with him none of the boys could cheer him up but what happends when Zayn's sister qnd her friends come and visits him and the band will Zayn let his sister fall in love with him there's bumps along the road will they make it?


16. Chapter Eleven

Lizzy's POV I woke up to the boys doing a tweetcam x"ay hi"Lizzy" Luke said xuh hey what are you guys doing?" I asked "a tweetcam duh!" Luke said "hey Lizzy you wanna do a keek with me?" Calum asked "uh yeah sure" i said pulling out my phone went on my keek app and we started "HIIII!" We both yelled to the phone I'm Lizzy!" "and I'm a random person from the streets!" i giggled "yeah ok this is Calum from 5 Seconds of Summer and I can't belive that thier all here!! If you have no idea who they are go to YouTube!" "byeeee!" We both said and I heard something downsairs so I ran down and found everyone back "hey guys!" I said "Hey Lizzy" they all said together soon it was time to go to bed and we all fell asleep
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