Headphones and Collar Bones

Rae and Maux were inseperable best friends. I pair of mix match weirdos, but never the less best friends. Maux was a lanky, green haired beast. Getting his name from his signature mohawk, he couldn't be missed in public. Rae, on the other hand was a sassy, cat loving, white haired girl who injoyed home-done piercings, and tattoos.


1. 1

"Wait up, Meaux! You lunatic!" Rae cryed as she raced to catch Meaux. "You're raving mad!" "If I'm raving mad because I am trying to get a sale on Doc Martin's, then... I guess I am!" He yelled back. What's the use? Rae stopped running. 

She waited for Meaux by their favorite stand. He returned beaming like a small child. "Guess what?" "What?" Meaux stopped, and flashed her his new Docs. They gleamed in the sunlight, freshly polished, and ready to be broken in. "Wow, Meaux, those are really neat.  How much?" His smile got even brighter, "$59.99, plus tax." Rae whistled low. "Uh-huh, and you thought I was crazy." His smug look made her irritated. She huffed, and started walking towards her van. She hopped in, and unlocked the door for Meaux. They drove home, where he showed his mom. "Poor Rae, having to go, and track you down. " Mrs. Holmes patted Rae on the head, and laughed. 

"Go ahead and play your games. Lunch will be ready in about 30 minutes." Mrs. Holmes shooed them away from the kitchen, and to the living room. Rae reclined on the emerald green chair, and turned the television on. Meaux puts his new Docs on, and struts around. "Are those things stacked? You seem impossibly taller." Rae's dead pan voice brought Meaux down from his new-shoe high just for a second. "No." He smarted back, "They just seem taller because I haven't worn in the fresh heels." Rae rolls her eyes, and scoffs. "As if." Meaux takes this as an insult, and fake faints into her lap. "Oh Rae, whatever will I do without your smart ass remarks?" His hand is on his forehead, and he is fanning himself. "Get off me!" Rae giggles and pushes him off. They start wrestling on the ground, and Meaux's mother has to stop it. "Lunch. Ready. Now!" They break up and eat. 

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