Smart, Yet True

The One Direction boy band, is going again StarStruck Girls, and Niall' finds a way to use one of the girls, but she doesn't notice what he is slowly finding out, to win the competition.

One Direction- zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry.
StarStruck Girls- Miley, Emily, Alison, Nikilina


1. This is not started. Yet.

"Hey, guys" Emily said in a hide-it voice. "What?" we all said at the same time. But Not Emily. She pranced around, and played our song "No Wonder". I looked at Nikilina, curiously, but, seems as if almost everyone was looking at Nikilina- of course, the smartest of the group. I began to day dream about her and Louis on the beach, then, began thinking of Emily and Zayn, at the park, Zayn, as always xx, would throw a strawberry in her mouth. Miley interrupted my day dreams, most likely knowing it wasn't her in it. I only noticed her- because she was yelling "did you hear that!" excitedly, giving me a migraine. Before my day dream officialy finished, well, it actually finished with me remembering One Direction was our enemy. I snapped out of it, and answered. "What? Sorry I-I was daydreaming" I smiled shyly looking at the ground. Emily grabbed my hand, and yanked me off the couch. "We got into the Lights Out competition!" we yelled excitedly. "Whew" I sighed, "Good thing One Direction's not our competition" I said. "See thats the thing" Nikilina said. "They are our competition" Emily said. Of course, I thought. I grabbed my bags and went towards the door. I stopped and said "I gotta go. I wanna get some rest for next month" I giggled as I walked out, noticing it was a month away- and I wanted rest. I went home, and got on my lap top. I checked my twitter, and I got a tweet?

'@AlisonHL-Good luck at Lights out #swerve -Niall H.' I panicked. I went on skype, and typed Niall's name in. He was on! I called him on skype, he picked up and I asked, "How'd you find my twitter?" he replied with a question, "How'd you find my skype?" We both smiled shyly. "Hey" he said, "Why do we have to be enemies? What happened?" he asked. "Just, Emily controls everything." I sighed.

"Wanna.. meet up at the Cafe tomorrow?" Niall asked. "Uhm." I looked at my calender. "Sure, I guess" I said. "Night, Horan" I said smiling. I hung up the call. I place my lap top on the table next to my bed and fell fast asleep.

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