High Pavement

Mia Reeths is just an average teenage girl...living in an underground world. The whole entire human race was forced to move underground when WW 3 happened and destroyed the crust of the Earth. Now Mia has to juggle between a regular teenagers life and the life of a survivor.


2. The Visitors

  One time when I was sharpening my knifes and cleaning my guns, there was a bunch or yelling and then a horn blew: 2 long notes. That meant someone, or something, was here and it was right outside of our gate. I put all of my knives in my knife holders in the liner of my jacket and cocked my shot gun. I put some extra bullets in my pockets and ran off towards the gate. I seemed to be the only one running towards it except the guards. I went to the gate and climbed the ladder that led to the top of the gate. A few of the guards asked why I was here since I wasn't part of the Guard Team, or the GT. I ignored them and peeked over to see what was on the other side of the gate, but before I had the chance to get a good look someone pulled my arm.

"Are you crazy?! You don't know what's out there! You could have just been killed!!" whispered James, this guy who has a HUGE crush on me.

"I can take care of myself!" I yelled shaking him off.

"SHHHHHH!!" whispered about 40-something guards. I glared at them and then looked back at James.

"I know how to defend myself! I would've been fine," I whispered.

"Not if 'it' had picked you up and eaten you right away! I would've been able to live myself if you had gotten killed," he said sadly, looking down at his feet.

 "I understand that, but you need to understand that I'm not some 3 year-old that relies on your help every second of everyday, I can take care of myself." I snapped.

I realized that we had been talking for a few minutes and that everyone was starring at us.

"What are you looking at? Has anyone figured out what's outside the gate yet?" I said to all the guards.

"Uh..... no, not yet," said Mark, the guard closest to me.

"Well, what are you waiting for?!" The guards scrambled around and a few of them peeked over the top.

Marcus, Marks twin brother, yelled, "Wait! It's.....people!"



"Why are they here?"

A bunch of voices collided together in confusion.

"QUIET!!" I yelled at them. They instantly shut up and looked at me.

"We have to figure out who they are and what their business is here." I said in the most General voice that I could. Most of them nodded, but a few of them looked at me like they were wondering why I, of all people, were giving them orders. James started climbing down the ladder, then Mark, then Marcus, then me, and finally everyone else. They all waited at the bottom and when I tried to push Marcus (or was it Mark? I can never tell) to the front, he protested, and said that I should be in the front. It was probably just because he was scared but oh well. I cocked my shotgun and went to the front and told the door guards to open the doors to the gate. They went to where the 2 heavy wooden doors met and pushed. The doors slowly opened and I saw what, more like who, was standing right outside the doors. It was a family of people covered in burnt, ripped, and shredded clothing. There was a mom, a dad, 3 girls, and 2 boys. All of their clothes hung loosely on their skinny bodies. Just looking at them made my hard heart soften. I approached them slowly with my gun up and pointed at them. 

"State your name and your business!" I yelled at them.

When they heard my voice they actually flinched, just from my voice! When they didn't answer I called again, "I said 'State your name a business!'"

"We are the Badge family from Stalag Village" answered the father.

"What is your business?" Marcus asked.

"We come to ask for the Capital's help. Our village is being attacked and we need extra forces. As we can see, you have more than enough troops," he said looking at all of our guards standing behind me, guns armed and ready.

"You will have to talk with out Mayor about that," I told him.

"Then take us to him. To play on the old cliche: 'Take me to your leader'." he joked. He gave me a smile, but it dropped when he noticed that we all weren't smiling.

"Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood." he said apologetically. I turned around and asked 2 of the guys to take him to the Mayor. They started towards the family but the 3 girls screamed and hid behind their parents. The 2 boys, who looked about my age (16) stepped forward and stood, unarmed, against the 2 men. I marveled at their bravery, even though it was stupid. I told the guys to stop, and started walking towards the family myself, but the same thing happened. I realized that the boys and the father were looking at my shotgun.

"I just want to bring you guys to meet the Mayor, okay? I won't hurt you," I said while putting the gun down. I still had my dozen knives in my jacket but they didn't know that. I started walking towards them again. They flinched but the girls didn't scream and the guys backed down. I slowly walked towards them with my hands up in the air, showing that i had no weapons in them. The father nodded and i motioned for them to follow me. They came reluctantly at first, switching their gazes between me and the guards. Then when we entered the gates, and the guards closed the doors, everyone jumped and turned to look at the closed doors. The men drew miniature guns that I didn't know they had and the girls drew small knives.

I walked up to them and said, "It's alright, you haven't posed a threat yet, so we will not hurt you. But if you try to attack even one of us..."

I let the thought hang in the air then turned around. I walked a few paces then quickly turned back around, startling them.

"I never got your names, I'm Mia," I said, holding out my hand.

The father hesitated, then shook my hand and said, "I'm Joe, this is Martha, and the triplets: Ari, Alex, and Ali. And the boys are Matthew and Corey." Everyone waved as their names were said.

"Well, it's nice to meet you all," I said waving, "if you don't mind, I would like to take to the Mayor now. Unless you lust want to stay here all day?"

When no one answered I continued, "Well alright then! Lets go!" Waving my hand I started walking forward, after a few seconds the whole family followed. We walked for about and hour through the windy streets of the Capital. I had been through these street so many times. Mostly running from guards when ever I was coming back from target practice. Even the guards don't know their  way around this city. I decided that I would take the long way around since I had guards with me and I didn't want them to know my 'secret passages'. 



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