High Pavement

Mia Reeths is just an average teenage girl...living in an underground world. The whole entire human race was forced to move underground when WW 3 happened and destroyed the crust of the Earth. Now Mia has to juggle between a regular teenagers life and the life of a survivor.


1. The Prolouge

  Has anyone every heard of the famous saying said by Albert Einstein? "I don't know what World War III will be fought with, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones." Now, if we aren't careful, there might not be anyone left to fight World War 4. The date is May 26th, 2042 a few years after World War 3 ended. The only thing is that I'm not writing this in a comfy bed with a nice computer. Oh no! That was all wiped out when the Middle East countries dropped these big bombs on America. Those bombs wiped out of half of the population in North America and it also pissed the military fighters and scientists off. They said that if the Iraqies and the Afghanistan's could build a bomb that big, then so could we. A lot of people warned them not to but they were blind with rage. I really don't know why it was such a bad deal but, oh well. So then the scientists spend 3 years build the Sailor Bomb. They called it this because they thought that when people say it, they would be cussin' like a sailor! But when they went to drop it, the whole entire Middle East got mad and then they attacked us again and it was pretty much World War 2 all over again, but this time with no Hitler. Countries started taking sides and eventually we had bombed each other out. There was to much radiation in the air and people started dieing left and right. Finally some genius came up with the idea to go underground. It was great at first but then when we started digging, even more people died from cave-ins and suffocation. That made it so that we had even LESS people to dig so everyone pitched in, and in 3 years, we were done. Everyone who was still alive grabbed all of their belongings and went under. When we were first getting settled we had a few problems and ran into somethings, but eventually we got them figured out and settled down. We put the biggest city in the biggest cavern. It was originally nature made, but we had to sculpt it out a little to fit the buildings. The buildings weren't much, just dried mud and rocks. Once we had relativity settled in, that's when the REAL trouble started. The radiation and made mutant bugs. They would attack out cities and eat our diminishing supplies and people. The 'Mayor' (if you could call him that) decided to put up a wall about 4 months after the first attack. Gee, why didn't i think of that!  He made it so that where were sharp stones and un-usable metal from the surface lining the walls on the outside. He also made it so that there was 1 main exit and a little exit that only his close-knit group people knew about. Finally after at least 12 of the weird, giant bugs had been killed, the attacks stopped. For the first 5-8 months, everyone was still really tense, but after 9 months with no attacks we began to relax. Well, most people did... the older people knew better than to relax to much. They kept warning that something would happen and we would all be unprepared. A few people listened to them, and I was one of them. I knew that my great-grandpa wasn't THAT crazy. So everyday he would take me out the secret exit and to this secret cavern that he had found years earlier while digging this cavern. We would just stay there for hours on end and shoot target after target after target. We did that from when i was 4 until I was 15. I became the best shooter and knife thrower in the whole city. 


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