Last Week...

Hey my name is Libby. This is a story about my last week as an 8th grader, good and bad.


1. Intro

Today, the start of my last week of school. It's Monday, and I swear, this is the last time I'll see most of my teachers this week. Surprisingly, I am going to miss my crazy, annoying, funny, awesome teachers.

Oh, I am being so rude, I should introduce myself. I am called Libby, my full name is Liberty Bell. I know what a fabulous name. My parents are some very historical people, like my twin brother's name is Justice, and we call him Jay or Jess. My dad, John Bell, is a cop in our small town. While my mother is a teacher at an elementary school. My brother and I are held up to extremely high standards, and have our share of rules.

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