We All Have Our Reasons

Seth was a normal enough kid. He liked to play with his best friend and go along with her crazy ideas. Util one day life changes for the worse. Seth winds up in the underground world of human trafficking over night. He has no idea what he was expecting to happen but it wasn't rescue by the hand of three teenagers slightly older than himself. He is rescued by this group of kid who do this regularly? You've got to be joking right? Seth must now find his place among their ranks, at least until he can get his life sorted out. It's kind of difficult with two guys constantly bickering over every little detail and a very, very pretty girl trying to befriend him. Yeah he's gone a long way from normal alright, will he ever go back to it though? That's the real question.

*WARNING: there is going to be sex and other sexual concepts in this story, most of which is not going to be hetero you have been warned*


5. Justin


                Justin had never planned on living his whole life in Mexico, but he didn’t plan on getting to the US via kidnapping. He wasn’t particularly fond of the tiny little village that even the people who lived there would swear up and down that they’d never heard of it. He’d rather be in the city if he even had to be in his home country. If he had the choice he would have moved in with his uncle, living in New York.

Justin envied his uncle greatly, he had a huge house in the suburbs outside New York City. He had made a decent amount of money as a partner in a law firm before he retired a few years ago. Now he no mortgage, no car payments and he could live his life doing whatever the hell he wanted to. Justin on the other hand lived his life in the opposite manner. Often times he was stuck at home on the ranch doing chores and tending the livestock. Not exactly his idea of a rich and fulfilling life. He had plans for his life, he wasn’t sure what they were exactly but he had them. All he had planned at this point was leaving Mexico and starting a new life in America.

By the time Justin was twelve he had pretty much abandoned all hope of ever getting to even look at the border. He had gotten sucked into the farm life and looking after his kid brother, Desmond. As much as he hated to admit it life in the village wasn’t, always, as horrible as he made it out to be. He didn’t have many friends but he would spend what little free time he had with a few local kids, wandering the town and trying to kill their boredom. Typically they avoided the outskirts of town. There was nothing to do out there to begin with, and the roads weren’t the safest places for a couple of stupid kids. Whatever made them decide to leave town that night wasn’t worth the consequences.

Justin was sitting on the railing of his front porch, swinging his legs and watching the sunset. Today had been a pretty slow going day and he was seriously considering just going to bed and calling it a day. When one of the local kids, Alex, came running up the stone driveway. “Justin, you are not going to believe what we found” He gasped trying to catch his breath. “What is it this time? I swear I just ate dinner no more road kill” He groaned pulling a face. Alex laughed “No, this is like six times cooler than any dead animal.”  He assured him, his breathing slowly evening out. Justin hesitated he most likely had more work to do soon and he should tell someone he was going. “Come on, we won’t be gone long” Alex pleaded reading his friend’s expression. “You have fifteen minutes to get me back home” Justin sighed curiosity getting the better of him as he jumped of the railing to follow the other boy. They jogged through the town and south towards one of the main roads.  A little ways down the road appeared to be a broken down SUV. That was defiantly worth checking out.

The pair of them made their way towards the apparently abandoned car cautiously. It was getting dark and it was a dumb move to go too far out on these roads at night. “Where are the others?” Justin hissed as they walked looking for rest of the group. “Not sure they said they would wait here but maybe they went home, it’s getting dark after all” Alex replied uncertainty. They made it to the run down vehicle with no sign of the others or the owners of the car. Justin pressed his face against the back window trying to see inside, but the tint and the failing sunlight made that impossible. “Justin come on we should head back, it’ll be too dark to see soon and I don’t wanna get lost.” Alex spoke up from a few feet away. “I just wanna look inside and then we’ll run straight home” Justin said as he circled the car trying to pry open the doors. He tried the driver’s side door last, just like all the others the windows were heavily tinted and the door was locked.

Alex had a very bad feeling about the car all of a sudden why did all of the windows have such a dark tint and the odds of an abandoned car being locked up this tightly all the way out here was slim to none. Justin was still peering at the driver’s side window. “Justin” he begged trying to wave him away from the car. He was sure it was just a tic of the light but he thought he saw movement inside the car. Justin turned to face him and the door slammed into the back of his head, hard. He collapsed and two men emerged from the car. Alex ran as fast as he could he would get Justin help back home but getting himself caught wouldn’t help either of them.

Justin couldn’t tell you, couldn’t even guess how long he had been out. But when he awoke he was in a dark room with one door, one light and nothing else. He winced when he attempted to stand, his head was killing him. He banged on the door, no response and it was pretty securely locked. He slumped against it and began running a hand through his short black hair over and over again, fighting the tears out of his deep green eyes. He was scared, he was rarely ever frightened by anything.  He prayed to God for some sort of answer as to what was going on. He begged and cried until he completely depleted his energy. He collapsed on the cold tile floor near the door.

He was awoken the sound of his door being slammed open. “This is what you two managed to bring back last night?” the new voice snapped he sounded much older than Justin maybe in the early forties. “We’re lucky we got anything the tip was a dud” another male voice, only slightly older than Justin, snapped back. Justin dared to peek up, two men one looking as young as twenty the other nearly double that, were standing in the room glaring at each other. He noticed the idiots hadn’t closed the door he started to crawl his way past them when he felt a foot connect with his rib cage. He skidded backwards into a wall with a cry of pain. “And where do you think you’re going huh?” The older guy growled at him. Justin glared back up at him ignoring the throbbing pain wracking his body. T

The younger guy crouched down next to him, a devilish smirk playing up his face. “You’re a tough one aren’t you? Maybe our efforts weren’t in vain after all.” He reached out towards Justin’s face and the younger boy jerked back, eyes narrowed. “Don’t you fucking touch me” he growled, hands curling into fists. “Wow what a mouth for such a young boy, I’m sure someone will get a kick out of that maybe teach you a few manners while they’re at it.” He smirked withdrawing his hand. “Xavier” The older man snapped. “What? I’m just playing with the tyke. No harm in mentally prepping him now is there?” the younger guy, Xavier, chuckled. He stood up and headed towards the door following the older man out. “See you later Justin.” He said closing and locking the door behind him. This was the point in Justin’s life when he realized he was never going to be the same Justin ever again.

As time went by he was bounced from owner to owner never quite being well behaved enough to be worth their time. Justin was perfectly happy to know he was a trouble maker. He liked raising hell for his so called owners, all he could think about was getting his hands on his deed. Every slave had one, a little slip of paper saying you belong to somebody. Justin just wanted to burn it, make himself a free man. He was fifteen now and as sad as it was, getting used to being a slave. He had gotten the idea of what was expected of him and how to be too much trouble to keep but not so much trouble to just kill off. He was Kyle’s slave right now. Kyle was way different than most owners Justin had experience with. He saw something in Justin that none of the others did. Justin was a fighter. He was fast and strong and quick witted. But more than that, he loved to fight. So Justin was in the ring almost every day with some other poor sap forced into slavery. Sometimes they were sent to fight as a punishment their owners won’t smack them around but people in the ring sure as hell will.

Justin was relaxing in one of the holding rooms before this next fight. He was pretty excited for this one. If, when he won this would be his fiftieth fight in a row undefeated. Kyle opened the door. “Justin it’s time” he said, that crooked smile playing up his thin face. Kyle was actually only five years older than Justin with auburn hair and grey eyes. Not the kind of guy you would expect to own a slave. Justin nodded and cracked his back walking out of the door following Kyle closely. They didn’t restrain the fighters before a match, there were so many owners and guards here that escape was damn near impossible, Justin would know he had tried, six times. Justin walked out into the open floor near the cage, there was a roar from the spectators. Like in the MMA matches you see on TV.

“This guy is just as good as you, try not to fuck up” Kyle called over the crowed as they walked. “And if I do manage to fuck this one up?” Justin asked looking around the room. “I haven’t decided that yet, not too sure you’ll lose, why jinx it?” Kyle smiled over his shoulder at him. They reached their side of the cage and Justin was locked in. The other guy was walked in, he was taller than Justin with sandy blond hair. He was skinny and very agile looking but he had no muscle mass to speak of. The spectators cheered for the other guy as well with almost equal force. The he too was locked in the cage and in a matter of seconds time slowed down. Justin’s first impressions were right this guy was fast, but not fast enough. Justin’s punch managed to catch his shoulder throwing him off balance. He was caught off guard and very clearly not used to actually getting hit. He got sloppy after that. The fight lasted less than five minutes.

“Jesus Justin that was brutal” Kyle beamed pulling him back to the back room. The guy had landed a few solid hits and managed to bust his lip. Justin just snorted and shrugged. His mouth was killing him and he wasn’t too keen on the idea of talking. They sat in silence Justin talking low even breaths to come down off of his adrenalin high, Kyle waiting on his prize money. There was a knock on the door, Kyle got up and answered it. A tall man with dark brown, maybe red, hair stood there in a UFC t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He gave off a very strong aura of intimidation and his presence seemed to demand respect.

Kyle’s gulp was audible, “You’ve got yourself a hell of a fighter there Kyle.” He smiled and it didn’t seem forced. Kyle smiled back weakly in return. “One of the best” was his reply barley audible. “So I’ve heard, tell me you wouldn’t be willing to sell him now would you? I’d be willing to pay quite a bit of money for someone with that kind of spirit.” Kyle looked back over at Justin. He was silently begging him not to agree, but back then he had no idea who he was dealing with. Had he known he would have gone for free, Kyle was all in all a pretty nice guy, despite the whole buying people and forcing them to fight each other thing. He didn’t need to have one of the most powerful men in the trade coming after him. Kyle gulped again and nodded, he looked so apologetic and ashamed. As if he knew what he was signing Justin up for. The intimidating man beamed and pulled out a huge wad of cash, depositing it all in Kyle’s hand. Justin was waved over, Kyle, very unexpectedly, hugged him. They had never really talked or had much contact outside of fights. “perdóname” he whispered, forehead on Justin’s chest. Forgive him? Justin felt his face heat up he hadn’t known Kyle could speak Spanish, he’d said so pretty bad shit under his breath in Spanish over the year they’d know each other. Before Justin could ask him what for, he didn’t get the big deal typically no one bats an eye over selling their slave especially for that much cash, he was lead off by his new owner. And off to his own personal hell.

It took months for Justin to get used to his new life. He was scared all the time of doing something wrong of getting punished. He typically would scoff at the threats but, here with, Devon that was a different story. He was a big deal in this underground world, an operator. He was the guy who covered people’s tracks and set up the auctions. He was also a big fan of the fights, he never organized any but he got a real kick out of sending his slaves to beat the hell out of each other and Justin was one of his favorites. He was a good fighter and he had and amusing attitude for a slave. Justin had heard rumors about his new owner’s sadistic streak but to fully grasp it, this was something he was going to have to live through.

He had lost, his second loss in the three years he had been fighting. He was sixteen now and very, very different than he had been only a few months ago. To say Devon was displeased was an understatement. He was pissed and everyone in the massive compound knew it.  Justin was told to wait for him in his room. It was hell, sitting there waiting for God knows what to happen to him. Then the door opened and in walked Devon, clenching a small black pocket knife in his hand. Justin was pretty sure he was going to die in that instant. “Shirt off” Devon commanded and Justin complied. “On your stomach.” Again Justin compiled and he felt the bed sink under his additional weight. “You really managed to fuck that one up today didn’t you?” He sighed looking down at the teenager beside him. “Yes sir” Justin replied quietly. “So let’s see the whole fight lasted what, ten? Fifteen minutes?” Devon mused playing around with the pocket knife. Justin paused for a second before realizing he wanted an answer. “Fifteen” he murmured. “So how” Justin jumped at the sudden feeling of the ice cold tip of the blade tracing along his back. “Does thirty minutes sound, fair right?” Devon’s amusement was evident although Justin couldn’t see his face. “Yes sir” Justin replied. And just like that the blade pierced his skin forming the first of what was to be many cuts.

Justin was fully expecting the cuts to hurt. What he was not expecting however was the cuts to hurt in a good way. His body reacted in the complete opposite manner than it should have. He winced and let out a groan though it sounded more like one of pleasure rather than that of pain. He sat there flinching and biting his cheek to keep himself quiet. Holding back as much as he could but wave after wave of this good kind of pain wracked his body. He was going to lose his mind if this didn’t end soon, then with one long final cut across his shoulder blades. He let go, groaning into the bed, attempting to muffle the sound and the following sting of words that would have given his abuela a heart attack. Devon either didn’t notice his abnormal reaction or chose to ignore it. He left him like that lying face down and allowing the blood to pool and dry in the dips in his back. He groaned managed to pull himself onto his hands and knees then get off the bed. He felt several of his freshly formed scabs tear but right now all he cared about was taking care of the other issue that recently came into his life. Justin took a shaky breath and headed towards the bathroom with one thought echoing in his mind. Well that was interesting.  

Now Justin was freaked out and scared for his life, he defiantly would have preferred to find out about his little fetish on his own terms rather than having this information shoved down this throat. But there was nothing he could do about that now. He had more pressing matters anyways, freedom. The idea of escape was back in his mind with a vengeance. All he wanted was to have the chance to be a normal teenager for one in his god forsaken existence. He didn’t feel like he was asking for too much, in reality he felt like life was asking too much of him. He hadn’t been a bad kid before any of this, sure he skipped out of chores and picked on his younger brother but he didn’t feel like that warranted being a slave for the rest of his life. He was going to get out of this nightmare he just had to find the right opportunity. He just had to bide his time and pray Devon didn’t murder him for shits and giggles before he had the opportunity to escape.

Justin limped out of the shower and dressed very carefully. He had a hard time deciding whether or not to wear a shirt to bed. He decided it would be better to be glued to a shirt rather than a bed when his scabs inevitably tore in his sleep. He finished tugging the baggy shirt over his head and flopped onto his stomach. No sooner than he closed his eyes did he fall asleep. He could only hope that tomorrow would turn out better and that he wouldn’t bleed out in his sleep.  

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