Love Like This *On Hold*

By the title you probably thought "Oh, a love story." But this isn't a love story between two people. This is a love story between a girl and her horse.


9. Chapter 9

 "No," I gasp, taking a few steps backwards. "You're lying!"

 "Andrea, how could you possibly think I'd lie about that?" The hurt in her voice is obvious as she stares at me.

 I turn around, bolting out the door. Spark whinnies, her whole body shaking. Not bothering with the heater, I tack her up. Mam runs out as I vault onto my mare's back.

 "Stop!" she shouts as I push Spark into a gallop. "Andrea, come back here!" I ignore her, pushing Spark on faster. The hedge separating our fields from a cow farmer, called Chris'. I give Spark a kick as she falters. She lengthens her stride, bunching her muscles, ready to take off.

 She drags her hinds legs through the branches, causing them to crack and break. After the jump, she powers forward, creating a trail though the long, green grass. The tears are whipped from my eyes as I push her forward, constantly asking her for more.

 "Come on, Spark," I yell," you can go faster. I know you can." Her head stretches forward, her ears pinned back from the power of her stride. I feel a few drop of rain hit my forehead and realise that I'm not wearing a hat.

 The skies open up and I'm soon drenched. We jump gates, hedges, ditches and so much more before we reach the beach. I sit back as she slides down the wet hill. As soon as we hit the sand, I'm pushing her on again. Her pounding hooves cause a spray of sea water to fly around us.

 When we reach the rocks, she slows to a canter, a trot, and, finally, a walk. She stops under the cover of an overhanging rock. I dismount, and untack her, felling guilty when I see the state she's in. Her sides are heaving with the exertion of her gallop, her whole body is slick with sweat and rain, and her head's hanging low to the ground.

 I take off my hoodie, rubbing her chestnut coat in attempt to dry it. Fresh tears roll down. How could I have been so stupid? My poor Spark. I felt so sorry for myself that I didn't even think about the consequences of my actions.

 She begins to shake, and her ears are cold to the touch. I continue to rub her with the hoodie. After about half an hour, I give up. Putting my head in my hands, I drop to the ground. Sobs shake my body as I sit on the ground.

 I jump as hot breath hits my face. When I look up, I see two dark brown eyes looking at me from under a chestnut forelock.

 "Oh, Spark," I cry, throwing my arms around her neck. She doesn't hate me. My mare still loves me. I begin to sob into her neck. I love her so much.

 She lifts her head, pulling me to my feet. I look outside to see that the rain has stopped, but the sky's still dark. I throw my hoodie over her back and vault on, not bothering with her soaked tack. I'll collect it later.

 I tangle my hand in her mane and click my tongue. She turns and walks out of the cave, her stride slow and stiff. This sends a whole new wave of guilt through me. I lower my head and kiss her neck. She continues up the beach, her hooves sticking to the sand.

 By the time we get home, she's walking so slowly that she's almost stopped. The only reason I chose to stay on is because I know I wouldn't be able to stay standing. She waits for me to open the gate, then walks over to the stable with a heater.

 When we get in, I finally jump off. I only stay on my feet for about a minute; to turn on the heater, and walk to the corner of her stall. I slide down the wall until I'm sitting on the sawdust, my head in my lap.

 "Andrea? Oh, my baby." I struggle to open my eyes. My vision's blurry, but I can make out my mother standing over me, a person, who I've never seen before, standing beside her. "Come on inside, sweetie."

 Mam reaches out a hand, but when I fail to react, she puts her arms under me and lifts me up. "Spark," I mumble as she carries me to the house.

 I feel the cool cotton of my covers as she lowers me onto the bed. She strips the wet clothes from my body, and switches them for fluffy pyjamas.

 "She should be fine, I think it's just s fever. Make sure she eats when she wakes up..." The voice trails off as darkness surrounds me.

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