Love Like This *On Hold*

By the title you probably thought "Oh, a love story." But this isn't a love story between two people. This is a love story between a girl and her horse.


4. Chapter 4


I'm walking through the hall in school. I have flour on my uniform and in my hair. People are laughing at me. I want Spark. I'm holding my books because they tore my bag.

 Someone bumps into me, causing my books to scatter. I sigh and set to work picking them up. People keep stepping in my way. They hate me. No matter what I do.

 I manage to get them all and stand up again. I hug them to my chest and walk to my next class, my head down. I get shoved three times those hundred metres.

 I don't eat anything at lunch. Sometimes they spit in it. Sometimes they throw it on me. I don't like either. I go to the bathroom and lock myself in. They'll be in in a few minutes though. Oh, quicker than I thought. They're unlocking it already.

 I don't even look up to see who's pulling me out. They filed the sink. My head tilted to the side n curiosity. She walks me over and pushes my head in. I breath i a lungful of water. They pull my head back up and I cough the water out. The bitches are laughing. I'm almost glad they used water. It hides my tears.

 They push my head in again but keep me in for a while. Blood begins to pound at my temples. They pull me up and I gasp for air. My face is red. I can see it in the mirror. There's mascara running down my cheeks. They push my head in one more time. Leaving my head in the water, they walk out. I stand up and take a shaky breath. I know why they hate me though. I'm a city girl. It's as simple as that.

 I put my back against the wall and slid down until I'm sitting. My head in in my hands. The whole front of my uniform is soaked. I try to breath deeply. My chest hurts from not breathing for so long. Each breath hurts. That's a new one; the water. I close my eyes and lean my head back, ignoring the people walking past.

 My head hurts where they pulled my hair and my chin's bruising where they hit it off the sink. I take my phone out. My wallpaper is a picture of me and Spark. We're sleeping in the field in the morning mist. I'm in between her front legs and my head's on her neck. I smile.

 "What you smiling at?" It's Rachel. I look up at her. "Show me." I show her the phone. "You're such a fag." She walks away.

 The last two classes aren't too bad. As I'm walking out of school, I get hit with eggs. Parents are frowning but they won't lift a finger to help. I go into Spark's field. She canters up and shoves her head into my chest. I cry into her neck for a few minutes before taking her tack. I'm not going to ride her home. I'll get eggs on my saddle. She snuffles my neck and I smile.

 I groom her for twenty minutes when we get home before getting changed. I log onto Facebook while my hair's drying. I'm tagged in a video and five photos. I open the video. It's a video of them putting my face in the water. The pictures of of the same thing. Each has over twenty likes. I close the laptop and go out to Spark. She's my everything.

 It's not like in so many books and movies where I have a boy save me and we fall in love. No. I have Spark and I can't see her during class. I sit on her back as she grazes.

 "I love you, Spark. I can't promise to never let anyone hurt you, but I promise to try," I whisper. Spark's ears flicker back as she listens to my voice. I look at my wrists. I've never self harmed, no matter how bad it got. The skin's smooth and unmarked. I just want it to end. The teachers don't do anything. They just say I can change schools.

 I close my eyes and daydream. Not about much. Just spending the whole day in the field with Spark. I'm thirteen only. The school year's almost over. I smile; my daydreams will soon be true.

 A car pulls up the drive. I open my eyes and look, expecting Mam or Dad. I didn't expect the silver Audi that was crunching over the gravel. I stay on Sparks back. If they want me they can come and get me. I play with her chestnut mane, keeping my eyes down.

 "Hello? I'm looking for Andrea Hart."

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