Love Like This *On Hold*

By the title you probably thought "Oh, a love story." But this isn't a love story between two people. This is a love story between a girl and her horse.


1. Chapter 1

 I'm sitting in the field. It's sunrise and Spark is lying next to me, her head on my lap. I'm running my fingers through her forelock as she sleeps. I just need a break. I live right outside the city, and there are always cars passing, making loads of noise. It's only four am so there are no cars.

 Spark stirs, stretching one leg out. I move so I can comfortably put my head on hers. I fiddle with the half heart charm on her head collar. I have the other half. When put together they form a locket. On mine is a picture of her and engraved on it is 'Birght Spark' in fancy writing. On hers is a picture of me on her back captured 'Andrea Hart' in the same wtiting. When put together the say 'Bright Spark & Andrea Hart'.

 We lie like this for anoter half hour before the first car comes. I raise my head from Spark's. I stand up and walk towards the stable that was built for Spark. The chestnut mare scrambles up and follows me.

 "You're getting fat," I giggle, poking her round belly. She snuffles my hair. "Yeah," I say, "I love you too." I plant a kiss on her velvety muzzle and go into the feed room. Spark stick her head in.

 "Get out, cheeky!" I gasp, placing my hand on her nose and pushing slightly. She pushes back but does step away when I tell her to. I get her a small feed and bring it out to her. She waits until I place the bucket in the holder then shoves her nose in and begins to eat.

 Giving Spark one liast kiss, I walk up to my house. Mam's up. making breakfast.She leaves for work at five. I sneak upstairs and go to sleep for two hours.

 I pull my school shoes on and run downstairs. I'm already late as I have to ride to school. It wouldnt be a lie to say we're quite rich. Dad bought a field right next to the schol so that I can ride when he's unavailable to drop me.

 By the time I finish my breakfast it's seven o'clock. I run out ot the field and Spark whinnies at me. She knows, because I haven't lunged her, that I'm going to be riding her to school. I grab her tack, nd turn off the heater. Her saddle cloth is placed on a heater that turns on at a quarter to seven. As I'm walking to her I rub the bit to warm it up.

 By half seven shes groomed and tacked up. I tie my hat and mount up. I tap her sides and dhe trots straight away. It's an hour ride to the school, which means I'll get there at half eight. I'll need to put her tack in the shed and groom her before going to school. I'll have to be in school at five to nine to get my books.

 Whenever there's a grass verge I push her into the canter, hoping that I'm not going to be late. I go to shcool in the country because I don't get on well in big schools and used to get bullied.

 By the time we reach the field Spark's sweating mad. I strip her tack off and groom her. When I'm done I brush my blonde hair and tie it in a high ponytail. I check my mascara as I'm walking to school. I add a bit of concealer to my face to hide the dark rings under my eyes.

 I rush to roll. My class has eighteen people. Each year has two calsses. I'm in the A class. the teacher isn't there yet and I sigh with relief. I walk over to the boys and join in the conversation.

 At lunch I take a sandwich and go down to see Spark. She's grazing but when I call her she trots up to the gate. I smile; a few months ago she wouldn't even let me catch her in the field but now she comes to the gate.

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