Like A Whisper...

Alice loves horses. She helps out at her local yard. Her mother and father hate not being able to afford to buy their daughter a horse.
Alice doesn't like school, though she gets good grades. She's not popular, but she's not bullied.
What will happen when her perfectly normal life is turned upside down?


3. Chapter 3


The buzz of the alarm clock drags me out of my dream. I count to three and jump out of bed. A wave of dizziness hit me, but I ignore it, pulling on my beige jodhpurs. I change my t-shirt to a purple one and throw a grey hoodie on. Grabbing my boots and socks, I run downstairs. After grabbing an apple for breakfast, I pull my socks on, then my short black boots. I zip up the half chaps and grab my bag.

 I unlock the chain on my bike and throw my leg over. I sling my bag over my shoulder and begin to cycle. My show clothes are in my bag. And a plastic container of treats for the horses. It's only half an hour cycle to the stables.

 I open the gate and cycle in. Leaving the bike propped against the wall of the stable, I go into the tack room to start mixing feeds.

 Mally comes in at a quarter past four. By this time, I have half of the feeds done.

 "What time did you get here!?" She asks, rubbing her eyes.

 "Quarter to four. I'll do they hay nets after."

 "A quarter to four? Jesus girl, stop coming so early. Sure we can't wake the horses for another forty five minutes."

 "Yeah, but the hay nets still have to be done, and half of the feeds."

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