Like A Whisper...

Alice loves horses. She helps out at her local yard. Her mother and father hate not being able to afford to buy their daughter a horse.
Alice doesn't like school, though she gets good grades. She's not popular, but she's not bullied.
What will happen when her perfectly normal life is turned upside down?


2. Chapter 2


I'm glad school is over for the Summer. I hate it. I hate the students, I hate the teachers.

 Lily jumps as a dog barks. I pat her now white coat. It's half six on Thursday morning and I took her in from the field half an hour ago. I've been grooming her ever since. She always rolls in the muddiest patch. All of the other horses are in and I have to groom twenty four of them.

 I go to Lavender's stall. She's only a bit muddy. She's a grey as well, but she's sixteen hands, where as Lily's only fifteen. I set to grooming her.

 "Alice, will you tack up Flower, Lady, Holly, Avocado, Dove and Raven. You're going to be leading a trail. They're experienced, so you can bring any horse you like." Mally says, putting Flower's saddle over her door.  She hangs the bridle on the hook beside the stable and smiles at me. "What time did you get here?"

 "Just before five, why?" I ask.

 "You brought all of the horses in and fed them before I arrived," she says.

 "Well, I did as much as I could..." I says. I hope she doesn't say that I have to work more. I'm exhausted every night as it is.

 "I have to pay you. It's not right," She says, pulling out her purse.

 "No, you don't nee-"

 "Look, here's the deal; either I pay you, or you can't work here," she says, interrupting me. My shoulders sag.

 "Fine," I say. It doesn't feel right, getting paid for doing what I love.

 I mount up on Mindy. The others are all mounted up and ready. I had to call Mally over when one of the adult riders complained about having to ride Flower and her sister about having to ride Holly because Flower's a skewbald and Holly's a piebald.

 "Now, does anybody else want to say anything?" Mally raised her eyebrows. When nobody spoke, she clapped her hands together and smiled. "Have a good ride, then," she smiled.

 I tap my heels against Mindy's sides. She walks forward. I look out before walking onto the road. The others follow. "Trot," I shout back. I tap Mindy's sides. I look back, the others are all trotting. We trot to the entrance to the beach. I jump off to open the gate I mount up when they're all through. I ride to the front.

 "Okay. At that rock, we're going to canter. Please check your girths and raise your stirrups two holes". I put y leg forward to check my girth. I tighten it one hole then raise my stirrups. "Everyone ready?" I ask, turning around to look at them.

 "Alrighty, then. Let's go!" I tap my heels against Mindy's sides. She immediately begins to trot. In five strides, we are at the rock. I sit down and squeeze. Mindy lifts into a canter. I hear the smack of a crop, and suddenly Flower is up beside us. The whites of her eyes are showing and she has begun to sweat. Her rider yanks on the reigns, then smacks her again.

 "What are you at!?" I yell, going into a two point position and pushing Mindy forward. She easily crutches up with Flower. Her rider yanks than slaps again. I take hold of Flower reigns and sit back, slowing Mindy. In the next few strides, we go from canter to a stop.

 "What do you think you were doing?" I say angrily.

 "She was being slow so I hit her. Then she wouldn't stop so i pulled the reigns then hit her for misbehaving." She seems smug. All I want to do is smash her face in.

 "Give me the crop," I say. She hands it to me. I shove it down the side of my boot. I give Flower a pat and announce that we're going to canter. "Does anyone else have a crop? Right, let's go. Again. Flower to the back of the ride."


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