My Little Transformation

What this? Humans? What is going on? Why am I this so called human?!

(Haha, this is going to be fun! A my little pony fan fic!)


2. She Knows.

We all stumbled over to Princess Celestia's castle. It was very hard with these weird limbs. Plus, we had to hide from everypony. When we finally got to the gates, The princess was already there, looking at us. She smiled at us and nodded her head to follow. We all obeyed our princess. 


"Do you think she knows what is going on?" Pinkie Pie exclaimed, bouncing around the stone pathway. It must have token a lot of strength, since she no longer have hooves. Shockingly, she did not stop or start to pant. Strange..


"Seems like it." Apple Jack whispered back, trying to stay up steady. The flat of the weird trunk was very flexible, and she wasn't quite used to it. None of us were. I glance at Rarity, who was still silent. It was very refreshing.  


"T-Twilight?" A small voice said. It was Flutter Shy. "I-I can't w-walk and m-my w-wings are g-gone s-so I c-can't fly." She stuttered out. Poor, Flutter, why would anybody do such a thing to such an innocent pony? I looked at her sadly, but return my gaze at the big mansion up ahead. Here goes nothing. I thought. 


"Princess? Do any chance.. Know why we are like we are?" I asked, tilting what I believe is my head, to the side. She smiled at me but did not answer. Instead, she ignored me and walked on. She knew something, but wasn't going to tell us!


(SORRY FOR MY SUPER LATE CHAPTER!!!!!! Hope you enjoy, anyways)

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