My Little Transformation

What this? Humans? What is going on? Why am I this so called human?!

(Haha, this is going to be fun! A my little pony fan fic!)


3. Princess Cel's Pov: Bright and Polite

Of course I knew. Why else would I be waiting for their expected arrival? Someponies are so gullible. I ignored Twilight's questions and just walked into my castle. Twilight had tan skin and purple hair with lavender streaks. She was as skinny as a twig, no figure or shape at all.

"Princess, it's obvious you know. Why not just tell us?" Rainbow Dash shrugged. Ah, the laid-back one of the group. Her human forms is quite odd. She had mostly blue hair, but her bangs were rainbow streaks. Her pale skin represented a cloud and she had a figure of an hour glass. Her body shape fit her athletic soul.

"Soon." Was all I said. My room was just around the corner, but it seems like a lightyear away with their chattering. Remember, Celestia, always bright and polite. I reminded myself. Bright and polite..

"Princess Celestia? Why aren't you speaking to us?" Twilight said, still on all fours.

"For reasons unworthy of being spoken of. Girls, please do not walk like a pony. You are a human, act like one. Walk with your legs." Ugh, my head hurts. How am I going to explain the whole prophecy to them if they can't cooperate?

"Legs?" Apple-Pie said, "I ain't got no clue on what them 'legs' are." She said. She tilted her head up, trying to fix the cowgirl hat on her head. She had gorgeous blonde hair, that curled naturally. She had a golden tan and a strong built structure. Almost as curvy as Rainbow-Dash but more muscle-y. Her green eyes glowed, almost like an actual emerald. I would be lying if I said I didn't envied her human form.

"Oh, why your legs are your hind hooves! In this form, you only walk with your hind legs. So get up, and walk properly. Please?" I said, forcing a soft giggle. Bright and polite.

"O-okay. Like t-this?" Flutter-shy said. She was in a push up position, only her butt was high in the air. Her extremely pale skin turned red from the pressure of holding herself up, and her soft pink hair fell in front of her face. She had an skinny, but full body figure. Her bright eyes begging for help.

"Ooh, that looks like fun!" Pinkie-Pie exclaimed, getting up on her pinkish legs. Her skin was a light pale pink. So rosy, it seemed she bathe in a tub full of blush. She had bright, pink, curly hair that bounced when she jumped. She had an averaged size body, with some fat from the amount of junk food she had. Her hazel eyes filled with pure excitement, as she squealed at the fact she can conquered her legs. "I did it! I can walk! I can jump! I can sing!" She said, soon braking into song about walking.

"Oh dear, she has finally cracked. Must this happen now?" An melodramatic voice said. Rarity. No question about it. She had that Nikki Minaj body. Her purple hair seemed to pop out on her white complexion. Her pale blue eyes filled with clear liquid as she seemed to be mourning over the fact that she was no longer a pony. Oh, will somepony help me?

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