My Little Transformation

What this? Humans? What is going on? Why am I this so called human?!

(Haha, this is going to be fun! A my little pony fan fic!)


1. Discoveries.

Rubbing the sleepiness out of my eyes, I sat up on my soft, comfy bed. 
"Good morning, Spike." I exclaimed as I jumped out of bed. Thump. I fell on the floor on my stomach. How is this even... My legs, my hooves! They were gone and replaced by a flat figure with five small stubs popping out. 
"SPIKE!" I screamed out. I heard a thud then footsteps. 
"What's wrong, Twilight?" He asked panting. He was looking down so he couldn't see the problem. 
"Why don't you look for yourself?" He slowly looked up, shock and fear filled his eyes. Before he could say anything aloud shrieking scream interrupt. 
"Aaaaaahh!" The loud dramatic voice screamed again. Rarity! "Lets go Spike!" I said pulling him along with me. 
* * *
"Rarity, calm your hooves!" Apple Jack sighed in frustration. 
"What hooves?!" The diva was lying on her queen chair, head hanging of as where her "hooves". 
"Twilight, any idea?" Rainbow Dash pleaded. I knew she couldn't stand miss. Diva's nonsense but she held on pretty good. 
"Nope, but if I go to Canterlot maybe I could read something about this..." I rambled on my idea. 
"Yeah, yeah, but lets celebrate this new um what do we call it?" Pinkie Pie hopped up and down. 
"Transformation, it has to be temporary..." I rambled on again. Wow, how do they stand it when I go on like that?
"W-why are w-we li-like this?" Flutter Shy stuttered. 
"We'll find out,Flutter Shy," Spike spoke up, "what are those two bumps popping out of your guys chest?" Everyone looked down. 
"I.don't.know..." I grabbed them, squishy. 
"Don't touch it! Oh why me?!" Rarity cried again. Oh dear, what are we going to do. 
"Lets go get Princess Celestia!" I suggested as everyone cheered. 


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