From the Library

"Morning Miss. Clay" "Hello Pat" I said. "Here are these and you'll know were I'll be" "oh honey you can't there is a meeting going on in there" she said "Oh I'll wait outside of the door" I said that conversation is what changed my life forever.


3. Their Relationship

Liam's POV.

"Latya your back!" Louis yelled as she walked though the door. "Yes I'm back now were is Niall?" she asked looking around. I was sick of how she worked for us and Niall dates her its just wired. "He's on a coffee run with Harry," I said walking into the kitchen. "Oh okay. What are we doing tomorrow?" she yelled to me. "Zayn and Perrie have set up for us to all go out for dinner," I said grabbing a water bottle out of the fridge. As on cue Zayn and Perrie walked though the door. "Hey, do you care if my best friend who lives here come to dinner with us tomorrow?" she asked them. "Oh that would be wonderful" Perrie shricked. "I GOT STARBUCKS!" Niall's thick Irish accent rang though the flat. Him and Harry came in caring drinks for everyone. "Hey babe when did you get back?" Niall asked sitting everything on the counter as he walked over and kissed her. "PDA!" I yelled as Latya's checks flushed. Everyone started laughing. "Yes Daddy Directioner," Niall sing songed at me.The rest of the night went by in a flash.

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