From the Library

"Morning Miss. Clay" "Hello Pat" I said. "Here are these and you'll know were I'll be" "oh honey you can't there is a meeting going on in there" she said "Oh I'll wait outside of the door" I said that conversation is what changed my life forever.


4. Meetings

Clarisa's POV.

"Morning Miss.Clay," "Hello Pat," I said. "Here are these books and you'll know were I'll be," Oh honey, you can't go in there is a meeting going on in there," she said. Oh, I'll just wait outside the door," I exclaimed. I walked over to the small office door in the back of the library. I could hear someone yelling and the room was filled with laughter. I sat down by the door with a book as I started to read. After about 20 minutes later the door opened and my jaw dropped to the ground. Simon Cowell was standing before me. He walked past in out the door telling Pat thanks. I quickly stood up as I noticed Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan walk out of the office I was so starstruck. I put my head down and started walking into the room. I wasn't paying any attention to were I was going and ran right into someone. "I'm so sorry are you okay love?" a guy with a deep British accent.

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