From the Library

"Morning Miss. Clay" "Hello Pat" I said. "Here are these and you'll know were I'll be" "oh honey you can't there is a meeting going on in there" she said "Oh I'll wait outside of the door" I said that conversation is what changed my life forever.


5. Looks

Liam's POV.

We were in a  meeting with Simon about the TMH tour that starts in two weeks. I was bored out of my mind and I could tell the other boys were to. "Alright boys that should be all. I will see you before you leave to America," Simon said as he walked out of the office that was in the library."I'm hungry," Niall whined. "When aren't you?" Zayn asked in a joking manner. "TO MCDONALDS!!!" Louis screamed as he jumped on Harry's back. All the boys walked out of the office laughing. I smiled as I pulled out my phone and logged on twitter. I was walking out I didn't notice the girl walking in. We ran straight into each other. "I'm so sorry love, are you okay?" I asked as I helped her up. "Yes I'm fine thanks though," she said. When she looked up I could feel myself staring at her. She was a small figure with green and blue hair and beautiful, big sea blue eyes. She was simply breath taking. " bye Mr.Payne," she stuttered trying to get out of my arms. "Please, call me Liam. May I have you name, love?" I ask. She looked like she was surprised I was even talking to her. "Clarisa, Clarisa Clay but people call me C.C.," she said looking down at the ground. "Well C.C. may I ask for your number?" she looked at me dumbfounded, but she slowly took her phone from her pocket and handed it to. I punched my number in and quickly sending myself a text. "Here you are, love," I said handing her phone back. She mumbled a quick thank you and hurried into the small office.

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