From the Library

"Morning Miss. Clay" "Hello Pat" I said. "Here are these and you'll know were I'll be" "oh honey you can't there is a meeting going on in there" she said "Oh I'll wait outside of the door" I said that conversation is what changed my life forever.


1. Running late

Clarisa's POV.

     "You need to die,"

     "Yea your just ugly and useless,"

     "STOP ALL OF YOU!!!" I sprung from my bed all the rude comments from high school all in one nightmare. I looked over at the clock. 8:23 "crap I'm late," I mumbled yo myself jumping up out of bed. I ran around my flat getting ready. I ran out of the house wearing a Union Jack flag jumper, some with leggings that say love in black letters, my long green and blue curly hair was left down with a red beanie on. I had my blue converse on and grabbed my glasses on the way out. I was running down the street to the public library. I reached the door and noticed they hadn't started yet. "I walked in and straight to were Pat was trying to get them to calm down. "C.C. you're here finally," Pat said. "Yea sorry woke up late. Well kids lets get started," I said grabbing a book and sitting on the carpet. I had read The Lucky Star, Three Little Bears, and Jack and the Bean Stalk. "Thanks C.C. its a big help," Pat exclaimed as I was putting the books away. "Welcome and I'll be back tomorrow," I said grabbing my purse. "When aren't you here" she chuckled.

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