Leaving the Shack

Zombie games are out! I guess I should try writing my own story now.
It's about a brother and a sister that have to survive 'zombies' and stuff. Influences from just about anything about zombies and survival. Feedback is appreciated!


4. Toiletries

  Reese beckoned Maize and Heather to enter the back of the restaurant. They made their way past the front room filled with organized tables and the kitchen that was up to sanitary code. The stoves and counter tops in the kitchen were polished clean and the floors were pristine. The whole restaurant looked brand new. 


    The back area was a large room filled with dainty dining tables. The roof of the room was made of glass and reached to the floor on a curve. Four people were sitting at tables and playing cards quietly, two were approaching Maize, Heather, and Reese.


  Heather smiled and ran towards them, "Meredith! Theodore! I missed you guys so much! W-where have you been!" Heather buried her head in the elderly woman's apron. Meredith was a short woman with white hair tied in a bun. She had a drooping chin and heavy laugh lines. She wore an orange Hawaiian shirt and slacks. Theodore was a taller gentleman with similar laugh lines and thick salt and pepper hair. He wore a white wife beater and khakis that matched his wife's. 


  "Heather, we're so glad to see you. Would you like some tea? How about you sweetie?" she said, smiling at Maize. Heather nodded and held Meredith's hand following her to the kitchen. Maize shook his head and gave a stern look to Theodore, "Where's Isabelle...did she make it?"


  Theodore stopped smiling, "No, she didn't make it out of the house."


  Reese interrupted, "I see you two are already acquainted. Maybe I should introduce you to-"


  Maize looked over at the four people sitting at the table against the glass. An elderly Asian woman sitting with an elderly black man sat across two nuns. He shook his head, "I live in a small town-"


  "Lived. You technically live in a shack," Maize corrected.


  "I lived in a small town and everyone knew each other very well...I can't say I've seen you before, are you from the north side?"


  Reese shook his head and brushed off further inquisition, he walked toward a door that lead outside through the glass wall. "The dining area is where we spend a lot of our free time. The daylight comes through easily and you can't see it through the street, offering suitable protection from window shoppers," Maize joked. Unamused, Maize rolled his eyes and didn't comment on his mocking tone. "And back here, you will see the lovely alleyway accompanied by a heavenly view of the famous art work, 'Le Alley deu Bleak'!"


  The small space was surrounded by three brick walls and the restaurant. Several iron tables painted white were pushed against one of the brick walls. Reese continued with his sarcastic monologue, "If you take a look to your left, you will find three dining sets artfully placed against another stone master piece, representing the struggles of the lower middle class during the Great Depression."


   Reese opened a door attached to the brick wall opposite the restaurant, "And voila! We have the final piece of the lovely exhibit!" he said as he flicked on the lights with a flourish. The small room slowly lit up with fluorescent lighting. Several rows of shelves were filled with cardboard boxes and crates labeled neatly. Maize gently touched a cardboard box labeled 'toiletries' and turned towards Reese, "Where did you get all this?"


  He cocked his head to one side, "I show you my storage and you don't even crack a smile? I expected you to be thankful, not skeptical."


  "I'm not going to accept looted goods."


  Maize frowned, "Do you consider this immoral? Immoral as allowing dozens of creatures to fall into that little hand made grave of yours to die? But that's not important right now, follow me."


  He left through the back of the room into another larger room filled with cots. Each cot had a trunk hidden underneath the end opposite the pillow. Seven of them had neatly piled blankets at the foot . One had blankets and clothes strewn sloppily over it. "Can you guess which one is mine?" said Reese turning towards Maize again. This time, he actually smiled. Reese smiled to himself and didn't comment.


   Reese continued to give Maize a tour of the building, showing him rooms he organized such as the library, workshop, planning room, and closet. He stopped at the armory, which consisted of three WWII assault rifles, a bowie knife, a stiletto, and a .22 pistol. After examining the few weapons available, he turned towards Reese and rejected his offer to help join his small group. 


  "But, I showed you everything I have to offer! You can't say that you have all this for yourself back at your metal box. Here, it's organized, safe, and you know the people! I don't want to break the news that you're not going to stay for long and in a week you'll be alone and one of the Hungry ambling around. Even if you don't like what I've showed you, you have to take your sister into consideration."


   "I'm not going to associate with criminals. My word is final and I don't have to reason with you."


  Reese sighed, "Come with me, I want to show you something." 


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