Lustful Desire – Strictly Casual No Commitments!!!

Is there any such thing as a casual relationship? All relationships are based on trust, commitments and the possibility of marriage, here is the story of Terence Johnson who has the illusion that he can love every woman in the world.

He goes about winding women up, making them fall in love and leaving them out to nurse their heartbreaks, although he initially sets out with no ill intentions, but that's so silly don't you think? He does hurt them really bad.

But the interesting thing though is, he encounters women who have been through or are presently going through similar experiences, rejection, abuse, loss of love one etc..

The truth really is


4. Heartbreak Escape

Months went by, Terence was in pain and agony, he figured he had to escape like he always did whenever he messed up real bad, so he figured it was time he went in for his Masters degree program. This time he chose the United Kingdom, he had been thinking about going there for sometime, it was time.


*Spotted* Terence leaving the departure lounge at Heathrow Airport London, dressed European style, with his crisp button up red check shirt, brown straight chino pant and a pair of  dark tan loafers with his Ray ban shades on. Was such a nice feeling for him.


He settled in nicely, Terence was an adventurer at heart, he loved to travel, visit new and nice places and he was very adaptive, he could blend into any situation easily. Guess he got that trait from his dad who was a go getter, he had to struggle his way through life all by himself.


His master course class was a small one because the course itself was very specialized and rare, not lots of people take such courses, it was easier for him as he didn't have to go through social adaptation and acclimatisation, that was the last thing he needed right now. Often he would head home immediately after classes and he spent most of his time in his room.


He had opted to stay with a family for 2 months via an accommodation agency recommended to him by his school, he was put in with Mrs Agwala a granny of Indian decent, she was alone in the house, all her kids had moved out. She was the sweetest house host any person could ever wish for. She made his stay memorable and pleasurable, she regarded him like a son, because she fell for his charm.


She wasn't used to home guests wanting to help her out with chores and stuff around the house, which apparently was nothing for Terence as he was used to it. Often when she had visitors she would show him off and say he is like my son.


All this memories made Tess fade away from his head a little bit, he had a bit of closure and comfort, he was happy again which was priceless. Months before he travelled to the UK he had been chatting with a lady he met on facebook a while back. They had a good vibe and she was looking forward to him coming down to the UK.


Kornelia was her name, blonde, average height, thick shaped with nice firm breasts and a round bum, mid 30s, Scandinavian National but lives and works in London. She was sweet at heart and very open minded, she was never afraid to speak her mind, but there was something dodgy about her with regards to her personal life, especially her marital status.


She and Terence had been chatting online for months, she had shared a lot of personal details about herself, *Phone Rings* Hello! Hi Terence Kornelia here, how are you, very well he replied, I hope you are all settled In and welcome to the UK she replied, Thanks he responded, well this is just a quick call to welcome you, I will let you go just now, talk to you later she said, Thanks I appreciate the call He responded as he hung up.


Over the course of the week they text chatted back and forth, they got much closer and took a liking to each other. She would send random messages like, what are you doing right now!!! Am bored silly here, wish I was around you right about now and he would reply yeh I feel the same way, the lecturer is boring me to death in class and she would respond with Lol!!!!


But before Kornelia there was Tracy, a British red hair, in her early 30s, he met her on a UK chat room months ago. She was a widow, she had lost her husband to cancer a year before she started talking to Terence, and she had a nasty experience with men on chat, so she had serious trust issues.


Terence grew on her, and she liked him a lot and trusted him, but due to her past bitter experience she was taking things rather to slow and being careful, but she never really explained to him why, in that same chat room, Terence had also been talking to Cindy, a much more matured woman in her 40s  who lived in USA.


Cindy and Tracy never got along well on chat, Cindy was a bit insecure and was always out to get Tracy to take everything away from her, so Terence was caught up in their little fiasco and he had no idea whatsoever.


Terence was also very popular in the chat room, all the ladies liked him on there, because he was respectful funny and down to earth and that only made things worse for him with Tracy because she had trust issues so she felt he was a Player.


Then the worst happened!! Cindy knowing Terence was into Tracy got into his head and poisoned him against Tracy by fabricating all sorts of lies, while at the same time Tracy was holding back on him, so unfortunately he believed Cindy, and he started having his doubts, at first Tracy had told him she had only a daughter, but apparently she also had a son as well.


Terence ditched her, and started giving her the silent treatment, he wouldn't respond to her messages or return them either, she felt awful, she really thought Terence was the one for her, she had been longing for someone sincere and trustworthy for a serious relationship.


But between me and you I don't think Terence was the right person for her, despite his past history with women and he wasn't looking for a serious relationship was he? So lets just say whatever happened did for a reason and Tracy was lucky to have skipped a heartbreak. Are you with me on this?


Tracy was so hurt, not because Terence ditched her, but because he had chosen to trust Cindy over her, she was so furious, everything Cindy had told Terence about her were fabricated lies, Cindy was just out to get Tracy and Terence was just a tool in the process.


*Chat Via Yahoo Messenger* Am sorry Terence typed, well to late Tracy responded, of all people to have gotten close to and believed you chose her, she hates me so much and she has a habit of taking away everything from me, she typed on, well your actions most times proved otherwise to me Terence responded.


Well I was trying to take things slow with you I guess you were also in a hurry as well, that's why I didn't open up fully to you, but nevertheless I saw you differently from all the other guys on chat, as on there, none of them ever got close to having my phone number, not a single one of them. I believe you Terence responded.


Well you didn't because if you had, you won't have listened or yet alone believed all what Cindy said, you really hurt me Terence, and I find it hard to trust you again she typed. I know am sorry, we all make mistakes sometimes he typed back, well have had trust issues in the past and this has only added to it she typed back.


I will make it up to you I promise, please give me another chance he typed, well we shall see about that Tracy typed back, Terence really wanted to make it up to her.


But his motives were hidden, he didn't really want to get back with her because he was serious about her, he just wanted to have sex with her so bad and him not having his way made me much more interested, it now became more like a ego thing for him.


Weeks went on by he tried to get his way back into Tracy's mind, but she wanted to take things slow, plus she reminded him constantly of what he had done, and this only frustrated him more. Tracy was experienced with all this, she had been chatting and meeting up guys online for 7 years. They had never met in person, Terence knew if he met her he would have his way, strangely I think Tracy also knew this and she avoiding him like a plague.


As time went by they grew apart they couldn't have a 5 minute chat without arguing about the past, women tend to hold on to things, they bruise easily and are very fragile, so Tracy needed time and a sign, but men are cold and calculated, Terence was impatient, so they had tantrums flying across the computer any time they had a chat.


Terence figured he should give her a break, probably that would make things better eventually, so he started chatting to her less often and tried to avoid into getting into arguments with her, he would compliment her every now and then and ask about her kids.

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