Lustful Desire – Strictly Casual No Commitments!!!

Is there any such thing as a casual relationship? All relationships are based on trust, commitments and the possibility of marriage, here is the story of Terence Johnson who has the illusion that he can love every woman in the world.

He goes about winding women up, making them fall in love and leaving them out to nurse their heartbreaks, although he initially sets out with no ill intentions, but that's so silly don't you think? He does hurt them really bad.

But the interesting thing though is, he encounters women who have been through or are presently going through similar experiences, rejection, abuse, loss of love one etc..

The truth really is


2. First Heartbreak

Chilling out at the bar in his decked out outfit looking like a model from a GQ magazine, he spotted this thick averagely tall ebony beauty walking towards him and his friend Andre, you see Terence had a thing for thick women, not fat not skinny, just in between, the type with love handles you can grab when making love plus a bit of cushion for the pushing.


Hi, she said, Andre was quick to introduce her to him, Terence meet Dolly, she is my little sisters friend, Hi, you alright? Said Terence, intrigued at her subtle beauty he stared openly at her up to the point of making her feel a bit uncomfortable. So Dolly what you been up to lately said Terence while Andre was away to get drinks, not much just been studying for my second year final exams coming up shortly, what about you? Not much either just sitting here admiring you he said, she shyly said, I bet you run this game on every girl you meet.


Terence was caught off guard a little bit, he never expected her to say this as she looked and seemed so naïve, na I don't play games, I only just tell it how it is. Hmmm I bet you do she said, you know you seem like the type who is always up for some fun and adventure but yet so shy and scared he said, hmm what makes you think so she replied, well I just have that feeling perhaps am wrong.


In Dolly heads, it was all topsy turvy as she secretly admired him and found him intriguing, well you may be right you know she said, so are you willing to set me free then? Terence smiled, knowing he had her where he wanted, well we shall see, he said. Andre got back with the drinks and joined in on the conversation.


At the end Terence got Dolly's phone number and promised to ring her soon. You see Terence was a smooth talker and charmer and always had his way with the ladies if given the opportunity, the greatest form of defence against his charm was to tell him off politely. Next day Terence was supposed to take his sisters out to the park so he thought to himself why not invite Dolly.


*Phone rings* Hello, Dolly speaking, Hi..its Terence..Hi Terence how are you doing, am good he said, listen am out with my sisters at the park, care to join us, I would really like it if you can, I enjoyed your company the last time we met...Sure she said, just give me a few minutes I will join you.


20 minutes later she arrived at the park, they hugged, then he introduced her to his kid sisters, she felt they were adorable, her likeness for him grew a bit there on . So Dolly tell me a bit about yourself, well there isn't much to it, am just your average next door neighbour girl who likes what most girls her age likes, also am a cake addict.


That last part registered in Terence's head, you see he had a finesse for details and knew how to use it to work to his advantage, well I think we should get going he said, time for the little girls to go home they have had enough fun I think, yeh seems so she said, anyway was nice hanging out with you I best be on my way, on your way where he asked, home of course, Terence laughed...


Yeh I know, but did you think I was going to let you go by yourself, come on, well I figured I go my way because its a different route to yours, don't be silly he said, I will drop you off, well she replied you really do not have to, I insist, he said, after all we are good friends now right? Right she replied. One of Terence's many qualities was his kindness and humility to a fault.


Terence was born into a comfortable middle class family, at his birth his dad was already moving up the corporate ladder, he had the best of life growing up, but he remained as humble as a kid, mingling with everyone he came in contact with irrespective of their background, he was a free spirit, this quality made him very attractive and liked by most.


Terence I think you missed the turn, my home is to the right, Dolly said, yes I know he replied, then why did you miss the turn, well never mind I have something better in mind, Terence was good at springing up surprises, suddenly he pulled over at a big confectionery store. We here for some cakes, his little sisters screamed yeh!!!!!. Dolly bowed her head in joy trying not to let the excitement jump right out of her.


They got to the cake stand which was one of the biggest around with all sorts of cake you can ever imagine, so while the little girls were busy scouting, He whispered to her, the world is yours, you can have whatever you want, she felt weak to her knees, she could feel herself slowly drifting and falling heads over heel for Terence.


Finally Terence thought it was time to invite Dolly over after hanging out with her a couple of times, so he did and she gladly accepted, there they were in his family living room sitting opposite each other, she was seated so calm, relaxed and happy holding on to the seat throw pillows, her whole body language was so inviting and during their conversation he paused and gazed at her.


What's up she said, what's on your mind, I noticed you paused like something was wrong, well nothing is wrong, just thinking to myself, seems like we've known each other for years, our vibe is to right, don't you think so he asked, well yeh it seems so, she replied, so what are you implying then. I will like us to be more than friends, I feel safe and calm around you, I like this feeling and I don't ever want it to stop.


She paused and looked him straight in the eyes, are you serious about this, yes absolutely he replied, well I feel the same way and will like to give us a try, she said as she giggled. Right there and then they ignited a relationship, Dolly was a sweet young girl studying medicine in school.


She was the best girl friend any guy could ever wish for, Andre envied him, because he knew her so well, she was sweet at heart, never nagged or complained about anything, all she wanted was to be loved and treated right. The relationship grew, any time she was away at school they would speak on the phone at night for hours, she liked it, but he didn't like it that much but never complained.


You see love is all about sacrifices and tolerance, soon she was back from school on break, and now they had time to be together, last time they were together was when he asked her out, next day she was back at school. They were both excited, he gave her a few days to rest from the hassle from school.


Finally they were together again this time she was in his arms, while he wrapped them firmly around her, I’ve missed you so much you know, all the while have been in school, all I thought about was you she said, the feeling is mutual he replied, she leaned up facing him and asked really!! He replied yes really.....


They stared into each other eyes, she moved her head towards his and he retaliated with a kiss and she responded, they were engrossed in a passionate French kiss which was so intense they ended up on the soft fluffy cushioned rug. Suddenly her phone rang, then she remembered she had told her sister to ring her when her mum got home.


That was my sister, my mum is home so I have to go, am so sorry, mum likes to keep close tabs on us, she believes we are still her little babies, not a bother he replied, I perfectly understand, let me drop you off, just give me a few minutes to put on something decent.


Next 2 days she came to visit again and they ended up in his room, his room was spacious with his bed on the floor no bed stand, his reading desk adjacent, with a piano by the side, he had a passion for music as well, his blinds were always close irrespective of if it was morning or night, so his room was always dark and cosy.


They both wind up in bed, kissing, he slowly took of her top, then started caressing her breasts gently in circular motions, her nipples were rock hard, he nibbled on each nipple, she moaned softly and held on tightly to him, he took off her skirts and panties and put his hands in between her legs rubbing her clit slowly in circular motion as well.


She moaned louder this time, she sat up to reach for his trousers and unzipped it in a hurry, she stroked his penis gently, while he continued to rub her clitoris, then he slid his finger inside her and stroked it upwardly, she moaned louder than expected, then he realized he had hit the spot. In the heat of the moment she got so turned on.


Next she lowered her face down to his penis and wrapped her soft lips around it, slowly licking on it like candy while he fondled her right breasts, she had nice perky big round breasts. Minutes later he felt the urge to stop, why he couldn't tell, the voice in his head said *what are you doing, you don't really like and want to be with her so why are you doing this* She asked whats wrong, nothing he replied, I just don't want us to rush into anything, I agree she replied.


The relationship continued until one day..*Phone rings* Hello dear, how are you, she said, am fine he responded, are you free today I will like to see you I have something important to talk to you about, OK sure, well I hope nothing is wrong, no everything is fine he responded. OK I will be with you shortly she replied.


30 minutes later they are both in Terence's room, she lays down on the bed while he grabs his desk chair to sit on it, for a moment he got lost in space staring at her, she looked so inviting, ready to be devoured, her bum was one of the most perfectly curved he had ever seen, confused he just sat there, Terence Terence she called out my name....


You know it's all yours, you do not have to stare at it like that she said, at first he was tempted to hop into bed with her and abandon all he was going to say to her but he summoned the courage to resist his desires. Then he went on to say, you know have been thinking, probably you deserve someone better than me.


Where is all this coming from she asked, sighing** Have I done anything wrong, she asked almost sobbing..if I have am so sorry, no no Terence replied, it's just me, lately have just been thinking to myself perhaps it's best I let you go because I do not really have plans for you, so I wouldn't like to lead you on...Dolly couldn't believe her ears as she burst into uncontrollable tears.


Really I cannot comprehend this, you say I didn't do anything wrong but yet you are breaking up with me, she said in a sobbing tone, yes you didn't do anything wrong I just feel you deserve someone and something better than I can offer you he replied, what about all we been through, the love we shared, the passionate kisses, she said, well I never had sex with you he responded softly.


Doesn't matter she said in a rage, we shared something much more special than sex and you know it, look me in the eye and tell me otherwise, Terence bent his head in shame, wishing he wasn't in this situation right now. OK am sorry I take back everything I said he responded, no no, I do not need your pity just because am all beat up now and down she responded.


May you find what you really want, I wish you the best in life she said in a harsh tone, let me drop you off at least he responded, no I came in on my own and I will show myself out, please Dolly I like you a lot and still want to be your friend, I just don't think I can give you more than that.


You see, Terence had this sincere and free spirited nature, he would never hurt a soul or make anyone feel bad, he was a good guy at heart but circumstances beyond his control made him do things he usually regretted sooner or later. People could easily see through that despite his wrongs


Dolly finally became sober, and she agreed to let Terence drop her off at home, am so sorry I reacted the way I did she said, I perfectly understand he responded, you had every right to, afterall you did nothing wrong to deserve what have done to you. Well I am travelling soon, I do not want to keep you hanging, so it would be best if you lived your life and I lived mine while am away.


OK I understand but I will always love you and I mean it, she said, for a second Terence was touched, but apparently his feelings had died a long ago due to an incident that happened but he isn't aware of it, seconds later the feelings and emotions evoked by Dolly became meaningless.


The news about the breakup spread like wildfire, everyone was shocked and couldn't comprehend the reason why it had happened, Andre was the first to confront Terence, dude what really happened he asked, nothing really he responded, I just felt she deserved someone better plus am planning on travelling soon as well, and all Andre said was that, you will regret this.. Terence looked at in remorse and asked why, Andre replied I do not know but you will regret this action.


Few weeks later the thought of the whole incident became vague to Terence now, one more thing..Terence always new there was a problem but he never understood what it was, so he resorted to running away every time from home, from his country at times, he had been planning to do a short course outside the country he had recently enquired about, so he figured it was time he went.


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