Next Door Neighbours

Ashley moves with her dad after a pass of her mother from cancer. When the Next door Neighbour Justin comes over and invite Ashley and her dad Dave for Dinner Ashley Falls For Him And Starteds hanging out with him every day.


1. Moving To My New House Yay :(

Im Ashley and This is Dave and a few mouths ago my mom Sarah pass away From cancer Im ok now i can talk about with people i dont cry but when i really miss her i cry im moving with my dad cus im only 17 so i really dont want to stay in a house alone i could have some of my friend there but there parents Would not let them so ya i had to move with Dave and as much as i did not want to leave my friends i had to no were eles to go so i said sure. My dad got a moving truck to get all my stuff and we were off from Hollywood to LA witch suck cus i loved living in hollywood and when i got to LA i felt out of place. When we go to my dads house it took 2 day to get all my stuff in my room and 2 more to get it the way i had it in my old house but all my stuff in my old house haft of it was in the basement cus not all of it would fit in my room i asked my dad. "can you bye we all new beds and desk stuff" and he said "Lets Go Shopping" i started laughing and followed him to the car when we got back we had a moving truck full of new stuff We had so much bye the end of the next week my room was all new painted and all new stuff i was so happy it look like this

I Woke up to my dad saying "hunny wake up its school time" i was thinking SCHOOL TIME 

i said " i dont want to go please " Dad said " no it ok you will fit in i promis " and i said "ok give     a few mins to get ready" "ok you better hurry i have a big surprise for you " i opened my eyes and got up and put my makeup i put on a belly top and short shorts and hot  pink boots in and ran out the door dad said it outside i ran outside in a car was waiting for me it was awesome i kiss him bye and got my stuff and ran out the door and i said " wait were are the keys " i look at dad and he give me the keys and i started the car and said " thanks dad" hey give me 20$ bucks and said " lunch money " and i said " omg Thanks dad love you Byee"  when i got to my school i ask this really hot guy " hey do you know where the offices is? " he said " well hello beautiful can i get a name first " i look at him and smiled  " Ashley and you are "   " jake its in that door to you left " i said " thanks bye " " cya " i felt his on my ass and i look back and smiled At him and his friends i walk to the office and they said "hello can i help you " " im Ashley Smith the new student " the laddie said " oh yes i will show you to your first class follow me please "  " ok " the first class was math and this one had more guys then girls i wake in and when i sat down i made sure to look sexy the guy next to me was so hott 




when i was done ordering i went to a table that had no people at and the really hott guy From Math class came and sat down i looked at him and he said

Justin: Hey Im Justin   

 Ashley: Im Ashley What Are you doing here

Justin: my friends think i cant get a date with you

i look over at some guys and they where looking at us 

So i pulled him close and act really sexy and said 

Ashley: Well tell them i said yes 

Justin Look at With His Big brown eyes and said

Justin: i sure will 

I give him my number 

i smiled at him and got up and act super sexy i felt his eyes on my ass and when i look back his eyes where still on my ass and he look up i Started smiling 




Justin Walk up and said

Justin: Can i get a ride

Ashley: sure Get In

Justin told me his address and i said

Ashley: Wait a minute i live next to that houses

Justin: Really

Ashley: Ya i will drive there 

We Drove to my house and he said

Justin: Thats mine over there 

Ashley: Wanna come to my house

Justin: Sure 

I pull into my drive way and justin said

Justin: Wow Your House is awesome

Ashley: Well My Dads Out so he wont be there for a couple hours

Justin: Cool i think it will take to hours to show me around

I laugh and he did to 

We went up to the door i unlock the door he said

Justin: Woah It Huge

Ashley: Thanks Wanna See my Room its The best of all the rooms

We laugh And he said 

Justin: Sure

We walk up the stairs and i opened my door and he said 

Justin: Ok i think you right it awesome 

We Laugh 

Ashley: i know!!

We laugh till we died 

We Talk Till 10:30 And bye the end of the night i new lost about justin and he new Lots about me i look at the clock in said

Ashley: Its 10:30 You better go home i will drive you 

Justin: No i will Walk 

i walk him to the door and he said 

Justin: good night 

Ashley: Night

i shut the door and 5 second later i heard a knock at the door i open it and justin said

Justin: Sorry forgot something

Justin Pulled me bye my hips and kiss me he started with a soft kiss then i replied with a harder kiss then he bit my botton lip asking to stick his tongue in and before i knew it his tongue was in my mouth i did not want to pull away i could fell 'Jerry' growing  bigger and bigger he Moved his Hands to my ass and then a few seconds later he pulled away and smiled back at me i shut the door and slid down the door and was Really horny i calm down and got a text

To Ashley

From Justin

Hey Sexy Miss You

I smiled And started typing

To Justin

From Ashley

Miss You Too So Does this mean were dating

To Ashley

From Justin

Yea If You Want To :)

To Justin 

From Ashley 

I want It To :) Sorry Going to bed Night Babe

To Ashley

From Justin 

Wish i was in bed with you :) Naked

To Justin

From Ashley

Your Wish Might Come TRUE:) Night

To Ashley

From Justin 

I think i would like that Night Babe

I went To Bed 



I woke up to a buzzing noise I got a text From Justin

To Ashley

From Justin

Wake Up Babe Get Ready Its 7:00 I coming to Pick you up at 7:30 and my mom wants to invite you And Your Dad for dinner Tonight If thats Ok With you

I smiled and text him back

To Justin

From Ashley

Ok Babe Im Up And i will tell my dad What do you want me to put on something that shows no skin or something that shows lots

To Ashley

From Justin

Something that wont make 'jerry' Grow 

I laugh

To justin

From Ashley

So something that shows lots of Skin got it

To Ashley

From Justin 

No something that shows no skin

To Justin

From Ashley

Ok Got It

I wanna Justin to get a boner to i put short Shorts and a short belly top and a push up bra and curled my hair and did my make up it was 7:24 and justin was outside i told my dad

Ashley: im Going to get a ride with justin kk dad

Dad: Ok Thats Cool

I walk Out the door Really Sexy I got in the car and justin Got a Boner

Ashley: Nice Boner very SEXY

Justin: Yea Thanks Now Hes Not Going to go away Wanna Go to see my room

Ashley: Sure

Justin: lets go babe




Ashley: I love your room 

Justin: Thanks 

I sat on his bed i pulled him on top of me And started Kissing Him he started kissing my neck

He started Sucking on my neck i moad and said

Ashley: justin it fell really good

he keep doing it for like 5 mins and then he stop and said

Justin: i got you good

Ashley: It felt good

He Started Kissing my stomach and then it was 7:45

Ashley: We gotta go 

Justin: Aw Do we really haft to  

Ashley: Yes Sorry 



Me and justin held hands down the hall and when we got to my locker Everyone stared at us

Justin smiled at me 

i smiled right back



Me and justin sat in the back so i was in front of him and he was in back of me so we could hold hands

30 minutes 

Teacher: the bell is going to ring so i want you all to get your home work done i want it on my desk by monday morning 


we all ran out of the room it was the end of the day so we could go home i kissed justin and put my books away justin friends walk over 

Justin: Hey

Jake: Hey Justin and Ashley

Ashley: Hi!

Justin: Wanna come over after school

Jake: Sure guys you wanna to

Cameron: Sure

Jayden: Sure

Justin: Babe you wanna come over after school

Ashley: No i have homework 

Justin eyes went big 

Justin: ok :(

Ashley: i was kidding

Justin smiled 

Justin: i think i need a kiss cus you trick me 

all the guys said

Guys: Get a room

I kissed justin and stuck my tongue in his mouth and "jerry" got bigger and bigger and bigger

the guys look back and saw justin had a boner and jake said

Jake: Dude i think you got a........

Justin look down and i look down and I whispered in Justin's ear 

Ashley: Its So Cute

I could fell him growing bigger and bigger 

Justin: You Love making me bone

Ashley i do   





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