Babe in Boyland

My names Bailey Malik, and no im not married to Zayn. Im his younger sister. im 17. I have long black hair that goes somewhat pst my collar bone, with blue eyes. Im like zayn..... in a way. Im what you call them badasses. You will find me breaking the rules and law on regular bases. I have never meet the rest of one direction. I have heard their music. i hate it. Zayn thinks im an angel. he has never seen me do anything bad, at least not yet...


4. Ray

"Okay guys i have big news" zayn stated. "Bailey got kicked out of school, so she will go on tor with us" he said exidedly. The boys looked happy. expecially Harry and Liam. for some odd reason. "One question, ailey how did you get kicked out of school"asked Niall. i laughed. I told them everything i did. they looked stunned. but laughed. I looked a my watch. shit. "hey zayn can i borrow 20" i asked. he knodded and handed it to me. "ill be home soon" i said before heading out the door.

I ran to the cornner of the park nearby. Soon ray came with a brown bag in his hand. i gave him to 20 and he handed me the bag. "You now thats not enough" ray stated. "i know, but usual" i repyed. he knoddded. i sat the bag down. i rpped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. he loked me in the eyes. "Damn, still got it" he replied biting his lip. i rolled my eyes. "my place 12" he demanded before walking away.  grabbed the bag and headed hoome.

  No, we are not dating. were firends, with benifites.  i waked in my house and went right up to my room. i opened the bag. 3 bottles of beer.  hid it in my sock drawr. but i kep one out. i went downstairs to the kitchen. i fixed myself a hm sandwitch. i drink hafe of the beer with it. i ook the rest and hid it in the bathroom attached to my room. I brushed my teeth so zyn would not smel it. i went down stairs and here came the boys. "Bailey! will you make us a sandwitch" zayn called. " guess what kind" i asked. "penut butter jelly" zayn awnsered. i knodded. i went in the kitchen. i took out everything i needed. Liam came in and begain helping. "here i help" LIam offered. "u okay" i stated ockwardly. "why are you the wy you are" Liam asked. "what do you mean" i questioned. "Like, why do you dress the way you do, why do you act that way no offence" Liam asked. "Thats tkes a lot of bravery to ask someone that Mr.Payne" i sid. he knodded. I sighned relizing he ws not going away intill i awnsered him. i started o spread jelly on a peice of bread. " use to be an angel. Had good grades. did everything anyone asked me to do. i had cothes that showed little skin. untill 3 years ago.  meet Harry. We dated, he only used me for sex. when that happened everyone looked t my body. just my body. not who i was. So i became who i am today" i explained.  He walked over to me. he rested his hnds on my shoulders. I looked u at him. "Just know, those peole are jerks.  would never do that to youhe said sweetly. my mind told me not to trust him. but my hear told me to trust him.  I faintly smiled. i just then relized how much smller i was then him. i was short and thin. there he is so tall nd muscular. A tear went down my face. i hugged hi.  could feel it. i cn trust him. I pulled out the hug. i stood up on my toes and kissed him one the cheek. i grbbed the sandwitches nd went to the living room. I gave them the food. Harry went threw his. he looked like he was making sure i did not posin it. "Dont worry curly, i did not posin it" i said. i went upstairs. i took a nap. later on i woke up. there was a note beside me. 

      Gone to mindight movies with the lads. dont leave the house!

                        Love you, Zayn


  I Looked at the clock 11:50. shoot! Ray! i grabbed my leftover beer an chugged it. the achohal kicked in. i couldent wlk in a stright line. finnialy i got to ray's house. i opened the door and went straight to his room. there i found him drunk shirtess witing for me. he pushed me aginsed the wall. he kissed me on my neck. And well, you know what happends.

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