Daughter Of The Lord and Lover Of The Servent

This Girl is named Lena and she Is Tom riddles only daughter and she has had a crush on Draco Malfoy and Draco just know met her in the Mannor and wondering who she is but when her father comes in and hugs her he knows perfectly after they get talking there maybe a relationship bubbling once she kisses him what will happen then huh do you know or do you want to find out this is also going to their futer together as do you know what will happen and will anyone else find out she is a riddle or will it be a secret forever and she can change it befog anyone realises.... Thank you Love.... LILY MALFOY AND CINDY MALFOY


3. Chapter 2 (Draco)

I sat on my bed Crabbe is asleep as is Goyle I lay on my bed my wand playing low music till I am brought out by a slight knock I open it to see Lena crying he Green snake eyes tearing I had a sudden erg to wrap her in my arms and calm her down but I dint I looked at her worried "Sky what's wrong " she looked up and opened her mouth "I had a nightmare about my muther something she was trying to say something" her tears burst out and she fell to the floor crying in tears that made me go I wrapped my arms around her and she let her face cry in to my chest then Pansy came "GET OFF MY BOYFRIEND" she yelled and then grabed her by the hair and then all of a sudden Lena's wand was at Pansy's thought ''I thought I told you pans he's not  your boyfriend he asked me out SLUTY BITCH STOP BEING CLINGY TO HIM HE'S NOT YOU FUCKING DOG" She yelled the last parts at Pansy and then fell back in to my arm's crying and I rubbed her back my hand going threw he soft hair and I layed a kiss on her forehead and then she as in my bed asleep I dint lay with her I just sat their and brushed threw her hair I pulled my curtens around us when she opened her eyes her hair fell in ringlets around her face as she wiped her arms around my neck and started kissing me I almost forgotten im part Veela from my muther's side and I do mate I kissed her back y arms started pulling off her shirt as she got his pants and then we were nude and I was kissing her neck and then her belly and then nibbled on her ear and then I started humping her my waist and hers moved together she was mumbling my name and I was going a bit faster "Oh DRACO" she mumbled and I wanted to yell her name but I bit my lip and then I kissed her so our mouths were busy. That morning  I looked at her once we stopped we were sitting their and talking we put a silencing charm on the bed  "so how was that Lena" she smiled and pit my lip teasingly "great you" i kissed her and smiled "perfect as your smiled Ummm . .. I want to tell you something'' she smiled and nodded "Im Part Veela  I can mate and - and -and  i mated with you " I looked at her and i couldn't think of this she smiled big and bright " I love you Draco" and i felt happy right then i  jumped on her and kissed her everywhere....We dint need our first date we dicided on Getting marred instead we were married that week and she was bite the week before that...Now what will happen our futer awaits

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