Daughter Of The Lord and Lover Of The Servent

This Girl is named Lena and she Is Tom riddles only daughter and she has had a crush on Draco Malfoy and Draco just know met her in the Mannor and wondering who she is but when her father comes in and hugs her he knows perfectly after they get talking there maybe a relationship bubbling once she kisses him what will happen then huh do you know or do you want to find out this is also going to their futer together as do you know what will happen and will anyone else find out she is a riddle or will it be a secret forever and she can change it befog anyone realises.... Thank you Love.... LILY MALFOY AND CINDY MALFOY


2. Chapter 1 (Lena)

I woke up and looked at my self in my mirror and magiced my clothes on and brushed my hair and did my make-up and smiled and walked down my father was yelling at a servant as use "Daddy im hungry" I whined down the stairs my daddy only loved me and he stopped yelling and as I got down far an off to see who he was yelling at its Luscious Malfoy and his wife I cant remember her name I call her Nef "HOW DARE YOU TALK TO A MUGGLE LOUSCUOUS IS THERE SOMEHTING WRONG WITH YOU" he screamed and then I ran down the rest "Daddy" I smiled and he looked up and smiled at me his Yellow snake eyes looking at me "Hello sky" he said and smiled at me "Hi Daddy, Daddy's Slaves " I smiled and bowed to them Nef looked at me "WHY DO YOU LOOK AT ME FILTH" I shouted and that made daddy even Happier to see me she looked down fast "nothing ma'am..." then I lost my temper "WHAT IS IT DO I LOOK BAD SEND SOME WORD TO ME" I yelled at her but stopped this is the boy I like's muther "I am sorry but don't ever look at me again" I said and then looked to my father and hugged him "daddy im hungry" I whined and he smiled and then wiped his wand and then a breakfast cereal "Thank you Daddy"  I smiled and walked off the lounge and sat on the sofa until I see someone move "MOVE SHOW YOUR SELF" I yell and then a boy the boy I like Draco "why are you hear" he sneered "How dare you talk to me like that " I hissed at him and he raised his eyebrows "who are you ma'am" he asked "I am Daughter of ... " I stopped "Non of your bessnes now is it " I sneered at him and he smirked "May I sit whats your name " I smiled "Yes and it Lena Rose Riddle" I smiled as his face fell and I laughed at him as my father came in with his parents "Oh Hello Draco it seems you have met my daughter Lena" I smirked at him as my father put a arm around me "so who are you then Boy" I sneered at him and he looked at his parents "Draco...Draco Malfoy " he held out his hand and I looked at it in disgust "One of my fathers servants wants me to-" I brock off as my father pushed me tordes his hand and I shacked it "Hello Draco" I said in spit "what house are you in" he asked me and then I noticed he's never meet me good "I am in Slythren you dope" I said laughing and he also smiled "who are you dating" I said "Pansy Parkinson" his smile faded "huh that's a fact slut" I laughed and sat down and pated beside me and he sat "daddy can we plz hang out plz its not like anything is going to happen" I smiled and he left with Draco's Parents "Now How can you be with her" I smirked at him "Couse she's something to snog " he said and shrugged "so am I -  I guess" I looked up and saw he went a little pink "Why you blushing '' I said and sat on his lap "huh why" he turned even darker pink "oh come on Draco do you like her or not couse if so ill get off" I smirked at him "No I don't okay she's just something to snog" I giggled at him and started to look at his eyes grey "Your eyes our nice" I said leaning close to his so my big size c chest is on his "They really do" I was so close I could kiss him and then I was off him and on my own side smirking as he looked confused "You do know its not fun to play with a boy like that especially with your size chest c girl" he smirked and then I was on him once again o close I could kiss him "do you mind if I do" I smirked as he smiled "of course" his arms wrapped around my waist and we were kissing my arms were around his neck and he layed me down my hands were entwined in his hair and we kissed for an hour till we finally ended it "wow" I whispered to my self  and then he was looking at me "Im  going to dump Pansy in front of you okay" I smirked and nodded  and he held me in his arms and we kept talking and laughing till father came in and I was over back on my side "Hi Daddy me and Draco are friend can he spend the night plz Daddy" he smiled and talked to His parents aka Draco's parents and he is able to.(that night after dinner in Lena's room.) I looked at my bed and I was in no pj's I was nude and that's when I see Draco Comes in and see's me nude "OH" I pulled on a skimpy dress that is black and sit on my bed and tell him to come in "So are you happy we will sleep together couse I have bad dreams about my muther but we do not talk of her" I say and then the lights our out and Draco's kissing me once again we are laying on my bed and then the lights go out and I fell safe me and Draco are cuddled up together. The next day we had to go to school we were up and ready to go we said good bye to my father and off we were.(the train.) We were loded on and me and Draco were sitting together his arm around my shoulders then Pansy came in "DRACO WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR ARM AROUND THAT BITCH" she yelled and I smiled and kissed him as he went pink "because im breaking up with you this is Lena my friend but know I mayjust have to do this" he turned to me the boy of my dreams "will you go out with me on a date to Hogsmead" I smiled and kissed him "yes" we kissed for the whole train ride as I lay in his lap he kissed me.... I love him but dose he love me or am I just like Pansy a snogging toy???

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