Daughter Of The Lord and Lover Of The Servent

This Girl is named Lena and she Is Tom riddles only daughter and she has had a crush on Draco Malfoy and Draco just know met her in the Mannor and wondering who she is but when her father comes in and hugs her he knows perfectly after they get talking there maybe a relationship bubbling once she kisses him what will happen then huh do you know or do you want to find out this is also going to their futer together as do you know what will happen and will anyone else find out she is a riddle or will it be a secret forever and she can change it befog anyone realises.... Thank you Love.... LILY MALFOY AND CINDY MALFOY


4. 6 years later (Lena and Dracos family)

I walked in to the room "Leo Let down your sister and brother know" Leo is a twin to Julie and his youngest sister Kassy is going to start Hogwarts this year Leo and his twin are in 2 year and Leo and Julie and the  youngest boy is in 1 year his name is Lenten and then "Jul come here for a min for you mummy plz and also Lent" they came running in when there father came in and caught Kassy "Hi Kassy and kids" he smiled and gave me a kiss on the mouth and then all the kids' a kiss on the forehead  "Dad" Leo yelled and ran out form the kitchen  I work as an Aruor and so dose my husband my father has been dead for a few years now and i am no longer evil my muther would be proud and even my father maybe "Draco can you get the baby" we have a baby girl Rosie my owl and cat are bigger know and still are here "Oh Leo, Kassy, Julie, Lenten" they ran in to the kitchen ad i sat at the table and the magic did all the work in the house "Its dinner time" i put plates of food down and Draco came out with our youngest daughter all of our kids are in Gryffindor LEO has platinum blound hair and snake blue eyes same as his sister but Lenten has curly black hair and grey eyes   and then Kassy has curly  black hair and Snake slit grey eyes and then our youngest by the way i am pregnant and besides Rosie isn't the only one we also have a toddler Romeo He has curly blound hair and snake blue eyes and Rosie has Black hair with blound high lights and greyish blue eyes our newsiest baby's are twins and they are in my belly two girls Lily and Jenny and then Draco came out with our toddle bot Romeo and our Rosie "Hi there thank you Love can you feed Romeo while i feed Rosie " i said to him he smiled and nodded by the tie we were done our oldest were off in bed we lived in my father's Mannor and wow we have a ton of rooms unfiled I laughed once we layed down the children the baby's im 7 months along tomorrow will be 8 months and i am Happy i am i have 8 kid's becomeing 9 and i have a wonderful Husband and perfect pets and a family and a perfect life has been given to me a perfect dad and mum i may never have known her i love her and i know she loves me and her and dad are together again my Eyes Searched over my husband   and i planted a kiss on his lip's then tried to run but forgotten i am a pregnant women of twins hopefully better behaved then my first set of twins I laughed and hugged him "i love you Draco now get me to bed im tried" i smiled and he helped me to bed >...This is going to be my life and im Happy for it and the rest of my life....< our oldest is Scorpios and he is then one in 3 year

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