Night Bites

5 Girls with special powers meet the amazing One direction. Will they keep their powers a secret or expose it to humanity? Read to find out! Xx


1. the beggining

*Jenna's P.o.v*
Hi my name is jenna. im 18. i have long straight brown hair. im pretty skinny. I have green eyes, and long legs. To you i probubly sound like I'n not. Im part Vampire. Yup i know SHOCKER! Anyway, I have four best friends. Hana, Hailey, Taylor and Vivian. Taylor has brown Hair to her shoulders. With gerorgus Big bright green eyes. She Has a secret too. She is part lizard! And 18 like me! Vivian is 18. With long red hair, green eyes, and freakled. Shes fairskined. She is an angel. No, no likt like a good person but like one of thoose people with wings. Hailey is also 18. she has brown hair, brown eyes. She is a very curvy girl. She wears glasses, but sometimes wears contacts. Her secret, shes a cat woman. Lastly but not least is Hana. She is the youngest at 16. With long straight brown hair and hazel eyes. she is kinda short aroung 5'4. And you will never bealive it but, shes a shapeshifter! We all look like sisters, but were not. we wish! Our "Ablilities" Come out at night, when were mad, or sad. None of us have parents or sibblings. Were just 5 bestfriends that live togeather. So yeah thats the basics of our story. All of us are at the park. while the girls were walking around the lake, i was skipping. I LOVE to skip well, i am a cheeky person! We just found out about this boyband One Direction. we sung there hit What Makes You Beautiful. We sung our favorites person part. Mines Niall, Taylors is Louis, Vivians is Liam, Hana's is Zayn, and Haileys is Harry. When we finnished someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and there stood One direction!

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