Night Bites

5 Girls with special powers meet the amazing One direction. Will they keep their powers a secret or expose it to humanity? Read to find out! Xx


2. different

EPISODE TWO Jennas P.o.v
Niall: "Ello loves your voices sounder wonderfull". My heart pounded. me: Thank you. 
I smiled at the ground. Niall: No problum love. dont hide that pretty smile of yours". I looked up smiling and blushing. Harry: Whats your names?" me: Jenna. Vivian: Im Vivian! Hailey: I-I'm Hailey. Taylor: Taylor pleased to meet ya boys. Hana: Hana nice to meet you. Zayn: Pretty names for some good looking girls. We all blushed. Hana: And i thought Harry was the flirt. Us girls cracked up. When we stopped the boys mouths were hanging wide open. Taylor: Close your mouth youll catch flies" Vivian: What is it"? Liam: Nothing your laughs are just very attractive". We blushed. I looked at my watch 6:00pm. CRAP! the sun is going down soon. me: Girlies its 6:00pm They gasped. Hailey: Im sorry as much as we would love to stay in chat we have to go". Vivian: No dip Shirlock".
We turned around. Right before i started walking away Niall grabbed my hand. I turned to him. Niall: Can i have your number first", me: Sure 555-5555. Niall: Can i call you later"? Me: uh.. Yeah but im... "Diffrent" atnight i wont sound myself. *NIALL'S P.O.V*
Diffrent? How can she be diffrent? But i know there something diffrent from the rest. shes unique, One of a kind. *JENNA'S P.O.V*
With that we walked away.

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