Night Bites

5 Girls with special powers meet the amazing One direction. Will they keep their powers a secret or expose it to humanity? Read to find out! Xx


3. Blood

We rushed to our car. We have an 2006 dark blue mustang convertible. Our house is about 5 minutes away from the park. When we got home we rushed inside. We live in a cabin in the woods. It's in bad shape. 

 Soon the sunset. Our powers came out. I felt my teeth drop. I got thirsty. My phone rang. it was an unknown number.

J: "hello"?

N: Hey love its niall 

J: oh, hey Niall!

N: You do sound a bit diffrent

J: told you.

N:Are you hiding something? It seems like it.

J:me? Hiding something? Funny!

N:ok, so what's up

J:well, the roof 

N: haha, I have to get off e phone but text me.

J: okay!

 I went to the fridge. I grabbed a cup of blood. Ironic i know. I would hate to kill someone. So I get, we'll steal blood from local blood drives. I pulled out my phone and texted Niall.

Jenna: sry had to get a drink 

Niall: lol its ok what ya drinking

J: blood.... jk milk

N: you scared me for a minute there.

J: Thats the point XD

N: haha so would you girls like to hang out tommorow?

J: where?

N: Our flat? 

J: what time?

N: is 10:30 okay? 

J: Yeah! whats your adress?

N: 9265 cookies and mile drive.

J: now i want cookies!

N: me too! :(

J: i gtg cant wait for tomorrow

N: me either bye love

   With that i went and told the girls, changed, and went to sleep. 


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