Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


3. Chapter 3

   "I'm not going anywhere, I promise," I said placing my hand on his cheek and pulling him into a kiss. He pulled away and grabbed his cellphone from his pocket and sat up in his seat and lifted the phone and took a photo. "What are you doing?," I asked trying to look but he didn't let me.

  "There," he said handing me his phone which was on twitter and he just tweeted something.


    Just about to leave the hospital. Toby's fine, but she has a cast on her arm to hold up her hand. But I love her so much, and the little Bieber which is on the way! xx Love you guys

  I smiled and handed it back to him. "I love you more," I giggled. He shook his head and chuckled.

  "Nope. I can't even explain how much I love you so, I win," he said putting his phone back in his pocket.

 - December 20, 2012 (Thursday/ a week later) -

  "Call me when you get to the plane," I said hugging Justin tightly. It's been a week and today Justin is leaving to go on tour, which sucks because Christmas is so close and the baby's due date is next week also. I still don't want him to go but I can't fight with him any longer because it's not going to solve anything.

  "I will," he said kissing the top of my head. "I'll call every morning and night. Oh and here," he said letting go then running up stairs. I watched as he jogged back down the stairs. "Here. Promise me you wont open it in till Christmas morning, it's your present," he said handing me a small box, that was wrapped.

  "I promise. But why can't I open it now, when your here?"

  "Because I want you to open it on Christmas so it'll be more special," he said taking a strand of my hair tucking it behind my ear. I nodded.

  "Come on Justin!," Scooter yelled from the bus that was parked outside; we both turned to see him then stared back at each other.

  "I got to go. But remember I'll call each and every day. Don't open your present in till Christmas, and give little Miley a big hug and kiss for me when she's born," he said hugging me again. I laid my head in his neck and squeezed him tight still having the box in my hand. A tear slipped down my check hitting his black leather jacket.

  "I love you," I whispered before he let go of me and picked up his bags.

  "I love you too," he said staring at me taking a deep breath then turning away from me and he walked out to the car. I leaned against the door entrance and watched, as tears slowly fell down my cheeks. When he put his bags in the car he turned around to look at me once more and wave before he got in the car. I shut the door as the car pulled out of the drive way and onto the street.

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