Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


25. Chapter 24

  I stared up at the road imagining me and Toby hand in hand walking down the street laughing, kissing hugging. What am I doing... I pulled to the side of the road the best I could and turned the key off. 

 Toby's POV

  "I'm off to give Miley a bath, I'll be back down in a couple," I yell to my mom at the end of the stair case about to go up with Miley in my hands. 

  "Alright! Dinner should be ready by the time you get done." I jogged up the stairs and went to the room I was staying in grabbed a diaper, and some clean pajamas for her. I walked into the bathroom that was also in the room and set the clothes and diaper on the sink end. With Miley still in my arms, I remove one hand from her turning on the tube water to warm. I forgot to grab the baby bath stand for her from the hotel room so I have to hold her up I guess. I'm not that well with holding her up so I'm just going to get in too. I go back into the main bedroom closing the door and setting Miley in her crib. I go back into the bathroom putting the plug in so the water doesn't go out. I go back to the bedroom grabbing some pajamas for myself setting them on my bed. I slip my clothes off and pick up Miley laying her on my bed removing her diaper and clothes. I think this is official my first bath like together with Miley so lets see how it goes. I pick her up and go back into the bathroom stopping the water from going to high. I crack the bathroom door just incase someone does open the other door in the bedroom and one leg after the other I step in the bath tube. I keep hold of Miley with one arm as I grab the side of the tube lowering myself to the floor of it. When I was in I grab her with both hands and put her infront of me and sit her in between my knees so she can somewhat stand. 

  "You know you look so much like your father?," I smile at her as she moves her hands up and down through the water splashing, and giggling. I know she can't reply, but I wish she could. As she plays in the water in between my knees I grab the baby shampoo squirting a dime amount in my hands rubbing it through her bits of hair. I cup my hands and trap water in them and drop it on the top of her head washing the soap out. She seemed not to like that very much. "I'm glad I have you," I whisper moving her up to my chest after finishing washing her. It seemed I been in there a while so I got out drying her and getting her dressed putting her in her crib then I did the same. I picked Miley up again after letting the water out and headed down stairs.

  "Well I thought you feel a sleep or something bathing her!," my mom said coming around the corner from hearing my foot steps coming down the stair case. "Oh I see your hair is wet, did you take one with her?"

  "Yeah," I smiled. The smell of something sweet hit my nose. "What's that smell? It smells really good!"

  "That's the brownies cooking. I made tacos for dinner if that is alright." 

  "It's fine," I smiled. 

  "I filled the new cup I got for Miley with milk cause she's at the age now where she should be introduced to a cup not a bottle so she can you know get used to not sucking."

  "I could have figured that out but alright." She lead me back to the kitchen where plates of tacos were laid out. 

  "I'll settle her down, go sit." She put Miley in a high chair which she also bought today for me. I sat myself down staring down at the food. I close my eyes and put my elbows on the table, putting my fingers on my head. I'm worried about Justin for some reason. I wish we could have- no stop thinking of him Toby. Stop it. He's not anything good anymore, all you need is Miley. All I need is Miley.

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