Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


21. Chapter 20

  A couple months has past which in those months our relationship and family has gone worse. Justin has been staying out late, drinking alot, and even has got put in jail once for beating a guy up for spilling a drink on him. I been trying to work it out but it gets worse and worse. Every time I bring it up telling him he can't go out he gets mean. I can't handle it anymore but I love him. I love him so much that i'll stay with him through thick through thin.

  "Toby!," I heard Justin yell from the kitchen of the hotel we were in. I eyed the bedroom door just waiting for him to come after me, cause I never really answer him. "Are you fucking deaf?," he walked into the room blocking the door entrence. I shrugged staring down at the bed were I  was running my fingers through Miley's hair as she slept piecefully. "Answer me!" I felt his hand clench around my wrist and pull me up off the bed and against the wall.

  "Yes," I simply said and stared up in his brown eyes.

  "Answer me when I call you. Got it?" I looked back at the bed hoping his loud voice wouldn't awake her. He grabbed my chin and made me look at him. I closed my eyes shut and took a breath; this was about every night. He growled and jerked his hand away from my body and stood infront of me. I opened my eyes slowly as he became frustrated with me. "Don't worry. I'll be gone as soon as you say were done." Every night, he says all I have to do is let him go which I wont do. But in the morning or the next time he see's me he'll say he didn't mean it and he loves me.

  "Please lower your voice. Your daughter is sleeping."

  "Fuck you, I'll talk the way I want," he yelled. I could simply tell he was drunk. I watched as Miley turned her body as his voice dropped lower and louder. 

  "Please she's waking up," I went to her patting down her hair making sure she wasn't awake. 

  "Did I say move?," he grabbed me again and pushed me to the ground. "Why wont you listen to me," he yelled. "All  I ask is for you to obey me! I'm the fucking man not you. Your the maid the one that takes care of every thing else. Now you owe me a sorry," he slurred.  

  "I-I'm sorry," I curled in a ball and a tear fell down my cheek. 

  "Good now you better-," he got cut off by Miley starting to cry. "Shut her up!," he seemed annoyed of her screaming. He sickens me when he is drunk; he's a monster. 

  I hurried up and picked her up rocking her back and forth in my hands making a shh sound trying to calm her down. "It's alright, every thing is fine," I whispered in her ear.

  "I'll be back in the morning," he slammed the bedroom door and I heard him slam the front door of the hotel room because each step he took he made it a stomp. I sat down on the bed and rocked her back and forth till she fell a sleep. After that I laid her down, laying next to her and silently cried myself to sleep. Life isn't a dream, it's just reality.

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