Baby Bieber (Sequel to Justin's Girl)

I'm in my 9th month of carrying Justin's baby. Justin is now heading on Tour, which is not helping me at all. We fought about it many times but the decision was finally; he was leaving. Do I go with him? Is the baby a boy or a girl? Does our love last? Does he choose his music over his family?


14. Chapter 13

  January 1st (Leaving)

  "Oh my, she's so cute!," Pattie said coming coming over to me as I stood by the bus with Miley all wrapped up in my hands.

  "Do you want to hold her?" She nodded, and I carefully handed her Miley. While she was holding Miley I had a chance to explore inside of the bus cause that's where were going to be. I opened the bus door, and went up the stairs to explore. When I walked in I seen a cool ass looking comfort room or something. There was black sofas and purple light up lights all around the top. In the back there were bunk beds and a small bathroom. I guess it looks comfortable but I need to bring Miley's things. I got out my phone and texted Justin because he was inside to get Miley's rocker, bottle, clothes, diapers, baby formula and binky. About a hour later everything was settled and we hit the road.

  I sat in the back on one of the beds and fed Miley, her formula. Everyone else was up front talking and blasting the music which really annoyed me. After I was done feeding her I placed her in her crib which fought perfectly in the corner in the back of the bus by the bunk beds. I laid down on one of the beds and soon fell a sleep. I was so exhausted.

  Justin's POV

  I was on my phone checking through twitter, reading bad and good tweets. But one made caught my eye, and not in a good way. It read, "Oh plz! Toby isn't pretty! She's ugly as fuq! Justin you don't have eyes if you went with that piece of shit! :)." I felt anger build up in me but I didn't want to reply back negative stuff, even tho I wanted to. I just simply replied, "Toby is beautiful. And I love with my heart not the eyes. You don't understand Love." After that I got off the internet and went through my missed calls and texts. [4 missed calls ; 1 new message]

  I check the missed calls and they were from my grandparents; the message was from Ryan. I haven't heard from him in months, I wonder what he's up to. I clicked the message and it read:

  To: Justin ; From: Ryan Butler

  Been a long time bro! I heard you published a CD? That's sick! I haven't been up to much lately besides drinking and going to clubs.

  To: Ryan Butler ; From: Justin

  Yup almost a year, or maybe a year not sure. Yeah it's called Believe! Usher is my manager which is pretty awesome and wow... Not like I remember you at all.

  To: Justin ; From: Ryan Butler

  Well people change. I'm not that skateboarding fag anymore. We used to talk about getting scored as much as possible when we were like 16 what happened to that? You said you'd probably get in any girls pants at any time, and I said you couldn't. What happened...

  To: Ryan Butler ; From: Justin

  We were teenagers dude, let it go. Why would I have sex with a girl then leave on to another? I have one girl in my life and that's Toby.

  To: Justin ; From: Ryan Butler

  So your saying I'm a man whore? Anyway your still with that girl? Wow, surprised. Me and Ariana broke after I tried having sex with her but she denied.

  To: Ryan Butler ; From: Justin

  No, I'm not. Yes I'm still with "that girl", she has a name. She's the one for me, I love her. And did you break with her or did she break with you?

  To: Justin ; From: Ryan Butler

  She's the one for you? Really... Stephanie is still down here, sobbing over you leaving and picking that girl. She loves you bro, I still remember when you lost your virginity to her at age 17. Coming to tell me over text after it was over. Dude you can't move to that girl, Stephanie loves you bro.

  To: Ryan Butler ; From: Justin

  I don't care about Stephanie anymore, I love Toby. And that was 2 years ago almost 3. I don't love her anymore, she's just a friend. Even tho we were together for a year and broke up we still staid friends. Your really pissing me off

  To: Justin ; From: Ryan Butler

  Don't get pissed, I'm stating the facts. But if you were over Stephanie then why'd you cheat on Toby with her? That's all I'm saying, I know you love her back so just come back and make the right choice.

  To: Ryan Butler ; From: Justin

  I have a child with Toby. I'm getting married to here soon so I now do you want to say I love Stephanie? Hope not because I don't. Were raising a beautiful daughter together not just her. I love her to death so if you want to tell me other wise, don't talk to me.

  I had enough of the past, why can't people just go on with life and not point out the mistakes in the past.


A/N: So you learned some things about Justin's past! :) But new book called: Paid Love / coming soon ( Harry Styles Fanfiction )



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