Help Me, That's All I Ask *One Direction Not Famous*

Susie's mother is gone. Her father is an alcoholic.
Each night she sleeps in a bed of her own tears. "But," she tells herself each time, "It's better to lie in your own tears than somebody else's..."


5. Chapter 5


 I jump off the couch and cradle the young dog in my arms, showering her with kisses. "Oh, Mango, I missed you so much, my little baby."

 "You know Mango?"

 "She used to be mine, but we had to sell her."
 "How come?" I feel myself paling. I shake my head, telling Niall I don't want to talk about it. He pats his lap and Mango jumps up, settling down and almost immediately falling asleep. I smile; they're so cute.

 "We have to go, mate," Liam says.

 "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow." Liam gives me a hug before leaving with Alexa. I smile at them as they depart.  "The lads are coming over soon. What do you want to do until then?"

 "Er, I don't mind. Whatever you want," I say, slightly shy. He smiles, his eyes sparkling mischievously.

 I frown and suddenly feel something old and wet on my back. I jump up, screaming in shock. I pull the ice cube out. Niall's in hysterics. I glare at him and shove the ice down the front of his top.

 "That's not fair!" he shouts. I flinch slightly, hoping he doesn't notice. "Sorry." He takes the cups into the kitchen and leans against the counter, his muscles tensed.

 "What's wrong?" I put my hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down.

 "Nothing," he snaps. I frown and walk towards his front door. I already have to deal with Adam, there's no way I'm taking Niall's shite too. "Where are you going?"

 "Home. I don't really appreciate people shouting and snapping. It pisses me off a little."

 "Look, I'm sorry,it's just tat something happened."

 "Will you tell me?"

 "I'm sorry, I can't." I nod, understanding. He didn't push me for an answer. "Do you like music?"

 "I love music." His face breaks into an adorable smile.

 "Can you play?"

 "A little piano. What can you play?"


 "Will you show me?" He grins again and runs out before returning a few moments later with an acoustic guitar in his left hand.

 He sits down, placing it on his lap. "I'm left handed, but I learnt to play right handed," he smiles, strumming. I smile as he begins to play Breakeven by the Script. He sings along, his voice angelic.

 I stare at him, mesmerized. His blonde hair bounces as he moves his head. He's so beautiful. We're interrupted by a knocking at the door.

 Niall jumps up to answer it. Three boys file in. I smile shyly. I don't like being in the room with strangers. Especially men. I start to tremble slightly.

 They all hug the Niall before walking in. I play with the cushion on my lap. "Susie." I look up into Niall's sky coloured eyes. "This is Louis." He points to a boy skinny boy with brown hair. "Harry and Zayn." The curly haired boy, Harry, smiles, exposing his dimples. Zayn smiles, his brown eyes shining.

 "Lads, this is Susie." Harry sits next to me. I lean against the arm rest of the couch. Louis sits on my lap.

 "My God. Susie, we just met!"

 "Louis, leave her alone. She's shy. Susie, Lou's rarely ever serious. You'll eventually get used to him." Louis climbs off my lap and sits on the other side of Harry. Niall and Zayn sit on the couch opposite.

 Zayn smiles in a friendly way and I try to smile back. Harry's too close for my liking. He turns to me. "So are you Niall's girl?"

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