Help Me, That's All I Ask *One Direction Not Famous*

Susie's mother is gone. Her father is an alcoholic.
Each night she sleeps in a bed of her own tears. "But," she tells herself each time, "It's better to lie in your own tears than somebody else's..."


2. Chapter 2

 I woke up to the light leaking through my curtains, making my whole room yellow. I sit up and rub the sleep from my eyes. The church clock chimes, telling me it's seven o'clock on a Sunday and there's mass.

 I don't go to school anymore. I left when Mam got taken away. All my 'friends' left me. They didn't want to be seen hanging around with the girl whose mother's a psycho.

 I shove all my clothes into a bag and walk downstairs. I used to have loads of clothes but most of my nice ones were given to Adam's one night stands.

 Adam's still asleep so I go down to the river. I run the whole way to keep myself fit. I'm used to running. Also, I'm running now so that people don't see how dirty my clothes and face are.

 I set my bag down on the grassy bank and dive into the cold water in just my underwear. I take the hair bobbin out of my knotted hair. While the water laps at my bare skin, I take my clothes out of the bag. One piece at a time, I wash them.

 After setting my clothes down on the hot rocks, I wash myself in the water. The dirt from my skin turns the water around me brown for a few seconds until the current washes it away.

 When the church clock strikes eight I climb out and let the sun dry me before putting on a pair of black shorts with a Superman t-shirt tucked in, odd socks and a pair of grey Vans. I squeeze the water out of my hair and run a brush through it before tying it up again. I shove my now dry clothes into my bag and put it over my shoulder.

 I have at least six hours before Adam wakes up so I decide to go around town, dropping my bag home on the way.

 I walk through the crowded streets of Dublin. There are so many people with dogs. I smile, remembering Mango, our Labrador. Dad sold her when Mam got taken. My smile turns to a frown. People look at me and I force myself to look happy.

 I'm walking across the road on O'Connell Street when I hear a bang. I open my eyes and I'm on the ground and there are people all around me.

 "Are you okay?" A blonde boy asks.

 "Yeah," I say, wincing. "Why am I on the ground?"

 "Erm... Well, this is kind of awkward... I hit you with my car..."


 "Are you okay?"

 "Yeah, I'm fine." I scramble up, my cheeks flushing red.

 "I'll call an ambulance to take you to the hospital. You hit your head and passed out." He puts his hand on my back and I flinch. "Did you hit your back when you fell?" He asks, biting his lower lip.

 "Oh, yeah, I suppose," I lie. I didn't. I remember falling onto my side. Adam kicked me a few days ago though. He gently places his hand on my right arm and guides me to the footpath.

 I stumble as a wave of dizziness hits me. "Are you alright?" He asks, sounding worried.

 "Yeah," I lie again. I hope the doctors think that all of the bruises are from his car. I have bruises on my left arm. I can say they're from when I fell.

 "I'm Niall."

 "Susanne. Or Susie." I slump against the wall, waiting. I wonder where his car's gone.

 "My friend, Liam parked it so I could help you." He says as if he could read my mind. I nod and immediately regret it.

 The last thing I see are blue flashing lights before darkness clouds my vision.

 "Susie? Are you okay?" I open one eye to see a blonde boy sitting beside the bed I'm on.

 "Where am I!?" I panic for a moment before the memories come flooding back. The blonde boy's called Niall. "Oh, yeah," I say, relaxing into the bed. I'm still in my clothes. That's good. They're not ripped either.

 Niall smiles at me. "What time is it?" I ask.

 "Two o'clock. They kept you asleep for a while."

 "Two!?" I nearly jump out of the bed. Adam will be up soon. Niall's handsome features crease into a frown. Another boy walks in. He has short brown hair.

 "I'm Liam," he informs me.

 "Susie. When can I leave? I need to get home.."

 "They might just keep you for another few hours."

 "No, I need to get home now," I mutter. Just my luck. My eyelids get heavy again and I let sleep consume my mind.

 "Susanne Marie O'Riordan! What the fuck did you do!?" Adam's standing by my bed.

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